Start vs. Sit: Finding value in the ground game

The penultimate week of the 2021 CFL season arrives with four aspiring dreams that will only be realized for two.

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I am a Rider fan and I will be cheering hard. But I am prepared for disappointment. Some strange phenomena will have to take place for the Riders to win this game. The only advantage the Riders have over Goliath is on special teams. Maybe Craig Dickenson has some tricks up his sleeve like that short kick to start the second half last Sunday. Great coaching and execution. No team has executed short kicks better then the Riders this year, but I can not see that being the tide to turn this game. The longer the Riders keep it close, the more pressure on the Bombers. Heck, Edmonton Eskimos went 16-2 in 89 and the Riders won the game. Kent Austin got hurt and the back up Burgess came in to win the game. Who could possibly have predicted that. May the best team NOT win! Go Riders and Go Sk. Huskies in the Vanier Cup.