Start time for Labour Day

Personally, I don't like the 1 pm start.

I'd prefer a start time anywhere from 4pm to 7 pm

I like the 1pm start in the east followed by the late afternoon game out west. Brings back many memories of going to the LDC with my grandfather & coming back home to watch Edmonton/Calgary & enjoying my grandmother's cooking at halftime!

Then it was off to the first day of school the next proudly wearing my #26 TiCat T-Shirt! I never had the pleasure of seeing Garney Henley play but the stories my grandfather told me of him are just as important to me!

The 1 p.m. start time is perfect. I love afternoon football games.

8) Scott Mitchell stated a couple of years ago that there would be no more night games on Labour Day in Hamilton.
 It evolved around the major problems they had at the last LD night game, where drunken, unruly fans caused some big
  problems for other fans, as well as security !!

  Apparently Mitchell felt that the drunks had all day off to get hammerd  up good, before coming to the game, and then
  causing even more problems, once they arrived !!

Though I do love the night games later in the season. Nothing better than when they do the Pre-game fly over & light the afterburners against the darker nighttime sky!

Gives me chills just thinking about it!

Either September 28th versus Montreal or October 12th versus BC. Perhaps both!

8) I agree. You just can't beat an afternoon game, especially in the Fall of the year !!

Yes nothing beats sitting in the sun in the cool weather. Nothing worse than one of those freezing windy Friday night football games under the lights.
Besides not turning on those spotlights can save a lot of bucks, not sure if the team pays the electric bills.

1:00 pm works for me.

Yes nothing beats sitting in the sun in the cool weather.
Agreed. Monday`s humidex is forecast to be 36.

I thought the afternoon timing was a TSN thing, but the drunken, rowdiness concern is a valid one of course.

Too bad, though as I prefer the evening games in the summer.

It will be 2pm for me here and I do prefer the early start time.