Start the season one month early

That is something I’ve always thought the CFL should do. May and June can provide fabulous weather so why not take advantage of it. I wouldn’t necessarily be looking at ending the season in October though. Perhaps a longer season so that it still ends in November.

Two things with starting one month sooner;

  1. May/June is NHL play-off time, in Canada no other sport can compete with that timeframe. As it is today, the CFL training camps starts during the last week of hockey, so impact to the season.

  2. Grey Cup without snow, it not a Grey Cup. You have to live it to feel it.

A grey cup without snow gives a better chance to both team to win. The CFL should go foward with it.

And training camp in April??? Look outside people.

Conspiracy theory time. Since this proposal comes from the player's association, one might ask how the players could benefit from this change. Could it be that the prospect of NFL cuts every year in August/Sept is bad for job security in the CFL?

If NFL cuts could not be employed until week 14 or 16 of the CFL season, then that's one less threat hanging over players' heads during the season. Also veterans would get their guaranteed full year of pay before the substitute players even become available.

I'm just saying ... not every suggestion is made for purely altruistic reasons. Sometimes self-interest is a factor.

No Keep it as Is..

Years ago, we insisted that football was a Fall Sport
and we didn't like games to be played in the summer.

Now that is the norm and we have Training Camp in the Spring.

Let's move on to the next step and reduce
weather as a factor in league revenues.

So many teams have open air stadiums,
and the live gate is so important to team revenues,

playing games when there is less chance of foul weather
is a simple way of enhancing CFL team's total revenue,

and furthermore, I like the idea personally

whether you Leafs fans are afraid of missing
the last stages of your Stanley Cup run or not.

Calgary Sun by Billy Powers


Billy Powers of the Calgary Sun specifically mentions
the weather [late season] problems in places such as
Regina and Winnipeg on Grey Cup day.

What about his own city, Calgary, and Edmonton out West
and Hamilton and Ottawa :smiley: in the East can be bad, too.

My wife has circulation problems. She never goes to the last 2 games of the year because it is generally too cold for her.

Also, the Edmonton Eskimos, who always lead the league with average crowds of 40,000 during the season, get around 25,000 for any division final played there because of the cold.

I agree, start the season 3 weeks early during the first weekend of June.

I’m not a fan of changing it only because I think training camp in April would be bad. There might still be snow on the ground, but more likely you’re going to have a heck of a lot of mud. Are you really going to be able to pick the best players if they are slipping in the mud in practice? Plus, they might get more injuries in the mud too. How about this scenario, a young guy gets signed and he’s running around trying to earn a spot, slips in the mud, tears his MCL and he’s gone for the year. Then the next day he gets cut because obviously he can’t play. It might seem like a cruel fate, but you know any team would cut him.

I like the idea of starting the season on Canada Day, that just always seemed right to me. Plus, the cold weather in the playoffs is a part of Canadian football. Both teams have to play in the bad weather so it’s no advantage to either team.

The NFL has the opposite debate, should they play Super Bowls in some of the cold weather cities like a Green Bay or Chicago or KC because they have a lot of history there and those are some of the best stadiums in the league. But they have a rule in the NFL where the Super Bowl must be played in a warm weather place or in a dome.

I agree with the above, I don't like sitting in the cold either.

Nah dont do it

I could be wrong but don't most teams practice on field turf?


The chances are 50-50. That doesn't change.

Isn't attedance traditionally higher after Labour Day?

Isn't it more likely that there are other things to do in the summer other than to go to a football game?

If we listen to all these “global warming” fanatics then maybe we should be playing the Grey Cup in December.

Lets start the season a month later. :slight_smile:

8) I agree !! If anything, lets start the season a month later and play the Grey Cup in December the way it used to be in the old days !! Football is meant to be played in colder Fall weather, not sweltering, sticky Summer nights !!!

We lost the 'no football in the summer' battle years ago.

Starting April 30th instead of May 30, is not a radical change.

It may help the bottom line another way.

The season will be underway before the Summer holidays.

not a wise idea
why?..because summer is meant for getting away for weekends and holidays..more games during this time of year means attendance will be is for the fall..
and for the people who are whining about being to cold in November to watch a game...umm..we live in CANADA...S^&K IT UP!!

This is a good idea since with the price of GC tickets going up all the time, fans should at least have a bit more warmer weather to enjoy the game in.

Remember that this is not the USA where there are so many football fanatics that it doesn't matter what price they charge for a SB or when or where it is played. Football just doesn't have, unfortunately, that importance in Canada.

I don't like this Idea Personally But.
There Another Way Hold Game Indoors all The Time

ExPat hits the nail on the head and I share this opinion. Frankly, I like the threat of NFL cuts coming into the CFL to displace players who aren't cutting it here.
In addition, I don't mind the current season as it stands.