Start The Renegades Bashing Now B4 The Game Starts

Let's see, we've got heavy rain , T. Storms, a low of 15 C, and winds of 40 k/h forecast for tonight. We're playing the 2nd worst team in the League that started our 3 game winless streak. So all the excuses are there, right??

But I'll be at the game with my son. He's missing football practice for the 1st time tonight, but the coach doesn't mind because it's one of his birthday presents from us.
I predict the attendance will hit an all time low. I say this because there's been no mention of how ticket sales are going for this game despite the fact the Renegades are offering free tickets to kids 12 years old and under if the accompanying adult buys a ticket.

So go ahead, kick us in the Capital Crotch while we're down now. We'll deserve it.

C'mon Rens fans, get off your collective fat arses and support your team. Where's the community pride?? We're gonna get eaten up in here and in the media if we don't smarten up. :evil:

Go You Backs Against The Wall Thieving Bastard Capital Punishment Renegades Go!!

.....clap clap clap clap calp clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap...... go man, kudos for you.......through rain and sleet and all that garbage, a true fan doesn't give up......

......and Happy Birthday to your kid........hope he has a blast with his old man tonight......I have a football playing son as well, quite the fun eh?!......



Ottawa will win tonight.

Joseph plays really well in a 29-24 Ottawa win.

if its rain, Ranek should have the advantage against Roberts in the running game, as Roberst won't be able to make his cuts. Damn I think I will have to change my prediction in the VGCC.
Gades will take this

I’m very concerned about the situation in Ottawa. They’re the only team that hasn’t shown an increase over last year (besides Montreal, of course, who still needs to have their big game at the Big O.) Attendance for the Renegades has dropped every year, usually just 1 or 2 per cent; but this year it’s a staggering 20%!! :cry:

Dave Sauve just resigned as chairman of the Ticats. As team president, he was a big part of the turnaround we’ve had here. I know he wouldn’t be interested, but maybe they should give him a call…just to chat.

Attendance will suck this evening. And I won't be there. The girlfriend and I have other plans. But I do know a Bomber fan who is going who will be very disappointed. The Bombers are going to be left hanging!!!

Ranek Rocks!!!

I dont think attendence is down 20%. They grossly exaggerated the attendence last year by a lot. Apparently the real average of actual sold tickets was less than we are averaging now. I think we're actually up.

You cant blame some people for not coming to this one, with this forecast.....but if we come back in 3 weeks 7-7 we better get 23-24k for the next home game....

i think the media is partially to blame for the drop in attendence. all they ever say is here we go again with the gliebs. this must be a dire sign. blah blah blah. they are having their best hyear since getting back in the league but all the media is negative. the gliebs need to learn marketing. stop wasting time trying to see some boobs and sell the game to the kids. give tickets away as school initiatives. start a good fan club for youth. if young people learn to enjoy the game they will be asking their parents to go and eventually buy tickets themselves. start some birhtday party gimmick. discounted group seats etc. get your players into the community. playing sports at schools, reading to kids. make the ottawa youth idolize the renegades.
i know i grew up thinking the bombers were next to the pope. this obsession with the game even carried me through the jr era and that is as big of a challenge as any horn chen or glieb/.;

Agreed...I'm really starting to wonder about these owners. I'm glad they stepped in and all that....

But Ryan Leaf????? Are you freaking kidding me?? this its the best you can come up with?? There are HUNDREDS of better recent college QB's who would be better. Do they actually think Ottawa fans would buy tickets because this guy was signed. There's only one thing Ottawa football fans will respond to. Its called WINNING A COUPLE GAMES.

Sadly, we havent been in a playoff race in about 25 years, so its hard to know.

This game is going to be a good one although the wet conditions will make the play sloppy and keep the attendance down but this is a very key game, for both teams.
Have to good to the gym after work first but will be home in time for the game. Lookout Bomber players if Asper is going to be there, but I doubt he will now that he quit the board and such.

and they have been doing so well this season, WTF! did they just get a team just to host the Grey Cup in 2004? :twisted:

He has got a point, Gibes, DID YOU HEAR THAT!!!

I think you’ve hit the nail right on the head. If you get the Renegades name out into the community, people will respond.

Cheap family tickets or even game day packages would be great for the Gades. For example if they had $50 for four nosebleed tickets, four pops and four hot dogs you could get a ton of families coming out to game.

Just my $0.02

No matter what we think of the Gliebs, I did not hear of anyone else from OTTAWA that was willing to step up and put their $ to buy the team. Although I do not agree with their moves or alleged ones, from negotiating with one stiff Palmer to the neg list stiff Leaf, at least they are creating PR. How many marketing guys will tell you any PR, good or bad, is better then none. But and for whatever reason the media inclusive of that hate writer,for both Tom Wright and the Gleibs, Don Brennen always dump on the Gades. This aspect is prevelant in Southern Ontario where for decades every writer and radio guy would dump big time on the "minor league CFL". Anyway, I hope that I am wrong but it looks like tonight may be the lowest crowd of the year, 15,000. Fueling more fire for the move to QC at year end?

the renegades did a promo for tonites game, where kids get in free with an adult who purchased a ticket....

.....but the problem with this promo, is it wasnt announced until 2 days before the game and u can't get this promotion on game u really had 48 hours to get in on the deal.

i wonder how the seating arangements work for that promo?...say a whole row of seats has been previously bought by others, and an adult buys the remaining seat in that row, then where do the kids sit?....they probably have a solution to this.

RIGHT ON. :smiley: ......the GADES , will have more time next year to promote.

OTTAWA....7.....WIN....7..... :smiley: