...start the FIX with this....

....First of all.....start with the coaching....Kelly should take a back seat to Nelson... He should get a better response from the players....Nelsons D ..is pretty well the club at the moment ...Kelly and his offence are obviously lost ....Nelson seems to be the superior coach........

...Bring in some cuts from the nfl...the receiving dept. is in big trouble....get rid of the deadwood...

..Bring in a Kick Return specialist....not someone sitting on the bench who says to Kelly...'heh..I can return punts' ...but really hasn't a bloody clue

...Heres one suggestion that's going to get me into a bunch of trouble....BRING IN PRINTERS....I know Kelly has a dislike for him...and so Mike will have to step aside for this to happen...but what can it hurt....The way this team is playing with the present personnel is garbage and headed for a permanent basement position...Anyone looking down the bench at the present qbs. and thinking there is an answer there....FORGET IT

....My final comment is this.....The way this management and team ( except for the defence and a few players) have played over the last three months is going to guarantee that Asper is going to clean house when he takes over....Bauer and Kelly will definitely be casualties...It seems like their administration and team effort has definitely got the feel of '''so long it's been good to know ya' ,ring to it...soooo they are performing like their swan-song is just around the corner...Just a thought... :wink:

another added note.....The Als. are a very good team....but not devoid of problems either...namely Ferry and Dahraan Diedrick...the latter who is presently in trouble with the law...I point this out not because i'm dumping on these players...but because their team mnagement are quite aware of their situations and yet they are still part of a very good team
What the hell is wrong with us.....Kelly has some sort of vendetta with players who 'maybe' cross the line...witness the cutting of a very good kick returner in Ramonce Taylor for an indiscretion (one of our huge problems at the moment)...and the hate-on for Printers....I say he ditches the phoney facade and trys to emulate a very good organization like the Als and try winning....Seems the way they run things works for them... :wink:

:thdn: If you could only hear yourself :oops:

Takes some advice from January....

The Bombers are vowing to stick together, and they showed that late in the fourth quarter when offensive linemen Glenn January and Obby Khan got into a shouting match with fans who were verbally berating quarterback Michael Bishop.

Head coach Mike Kelly also got into it with the fans at the conclusion of the game.

Great post, papa, but I am virtually certain the Bombers won't bring in Printers. Why? They just airlifted one QB in three weeks ago! To do it again would be a huge black mark on the organization's perceived competence. Plus, Printers would, like Bishop, have to learn a new system and get used to his receivers. We saw how well that worked (or didn't) when he arrived mid-season in Hamilton.

The problem transcends the QB position. Bishop is no savior, but I'm not sure who'd be effective in Kelly's system right now. Edwards is the only guy who looks interested in getting open to make plays, the O-line's pass-blocking is suspect, and the schemes, formations, and playcalling do not look, frankly, all that good. Throw in Kelly's ridiculous insistence on having his QB take most of his snaps under center and you've got an offense that has more problems than a simple change at QB can fix.

Prior to being a position coach for the Eskimos last season, Mike Kelly had been out of coaching for 10 years. And it shows. In spades.

...quit trying to bury your head in the sand...and face reality....or continue to be a laughing stock :oops:

I wouldn't put to much of the blame on Michael Bishop. Whats he suppose to do when the receivers can't even get open or they totally blow their routes. We need a real offensive coordinator to help out with this problem NOT the thick headed Mike Kelly. Because we have all seen how his genious offensive game plan works.

As for their receivers everyone should be gone but Edwards and it's to bad we don't have Armstrong right now. Whats the deal with this thorpe guy too? Kelly brought him in as a kick returner but when the time came he said he wasn't ready for it? What kinda b.s. is that. If he doesn't want to do the job he was brought in for get rid of him plain and simple Kelly you had no problems doing it to armstrong.

I think getting a qualified offensive coordinator is the way to go. Kelly should be told that his offensive scheme, no matter how many thousands of times he’s claimed it worked over a decade ago, just doesn’t work in the 21st century and it should be thrown in the garbage. No QB will be successful in this offence. But how in the world do you bring in a qualified offensive coordinator and design a whole new offence a third of the way into the season? And who’s available?

Not something you can do in the middle of the season usually.

Kelly needs to just let the offense open up. Pretty much like what BC did in the second half against the Argos with Jackson. The players need something to get excited about and get their heads and hearts back into it.

What do you mean by "open up"? Do you mean use a shotgun? He hasn't even got that in his playbook. . . I don't know how you can "open up" this sad excuse for an offence. . .

Open up the offense means to play every series like your down 30 points, try to score every down whether it's second and short or third and long. You go for broke every play.

How can they ?? They don't know how.

man, we have such classy fans here, getting into shouting matches with players, berating a qb he gives his all every snap..im tired of winnipeg fans...

doesnt matter who the qb is, hes always the bad guy... fans think they know everything in this city and its getting very tiresome for me...

I hope when the walking papers are handed out that January, Khan, and Kelly
receive theirs at the same time. That way they can stick up for each other on the unemployment line.

Doug Berry!

Wasn't he the Offensive coordinator that got Montreal started?

2-5 with 11 games left in the season. Bringing in yet another QB like Printers at this point seems like a poor stopgap measure. Lets replace the guy we got to replace the last guy and throw him in there after a couple of practices and see what he does. NFL cuts should be just to strenghten the roster, not rebuild it. Guys cut after training camp aren't gonna want to be here long term and we should not replace a full roster with players who will only want 1 yr plus option deals so they can go back to an NFL training camp next year.

I don't think anyone would argue the defence is playing well. Give some credit to Mike Kelly and the crew for bringing in some fresh faces to upgrade the talent and kudos to the defensive coordinator for getting these guys up to speed and prepped to play week in and week out.

The offence had yet another brutal performance, 3 passing TD's is it on the year? in a pass happy league? You take one of the top offensive lines from last year and say goodbye to 3 guys as free agents, trade another in Goodspeed? Especially Picard (who i bet is wishing he stayed in the peg instead of going to TO, even now), where the O-line played dominantly with him in and played poorly without him. He clearly was the leader on the Oline last year and probably more could've been done to try keep him around. Regardless, the effects of the steep turnaround are evident, this oline is playing like one of the bottom 2 or 3 lines in the league. There were three 1000 yard receivers with Glenn at the controls, and the majority of fans said Glenn was horrid and had to go? Now all the sudden Armstrongs gone with no replacement, Edwards is trying but can't do anything if a QB can't get a ball to him, and bryant is gone from hero to goat. Bryant and glenn hooked up on a lot of deep routes and either i have a selective memory or I'm missing something but to me it seems all the passes in bryants direction have been 5-10 yarders. Seems like a good head coach and OC would look at what made him successful last year and incorporate that into their offence. Clearly the offence is incapable of putting up 200 yards in the air, 50% completion, and 300 yards total offence consistently. Players who can't perform are cut, coaches who can't coach should be replaced. Kelly says all the time he is not putting players in the right position to succeed and the buck stops with him. Instead of creating a non stopping revolving door of players, time to hire an OC. Give'em a special title if u want to keep Kelly from any embarrasment until the offseason if u like, but this team cannot be a winner with Kelly in dual roles. He's made some good personnel moves on the defensive side and improved the special teams, though we still need a returner, and made some great play calls on special teams. However as an OC his offensive evaluation and game planning stinks, his offensive players are not ready to perform and succeed and too requently look lost or disinterested, and he's made poor player personnel decisions on the offensive side. With a good OC I think this season can be salvaged with the offence humming in a month or so. Without it....well we can exchange stories with Tabbies fans, let them know what's its like to have a 9-9 team, and they can tell us what its like to have a 4-12 team.

you know what, everybody talks like they know all this stuff about schemes and play calling, but the truth is you dont. im not calling out anyone in particular. but really, the only thing you can say anything about in this scheme is weather or not the QB should line up in shotgun or not.

after seeing a lot of under center stuff this year, im not a huge fan of it. if Kelly keeps doing that because of his earlier comments then he needs to cut it out. be the bigger man here and just admit it was a stupid comment and let Bishop play in shot gun.

as for all the bishop bashers, well the guy missed all of TC and four games of the year. He was never a superstar QB, so what did you expect? give him some time to get on the same page as his recievers and learn the plays better and we will see a lot more 200-300 yard games and more td's

As for bryant, I wont say i know whats going on there... but we need to unleash the guy and let him go deep... when arjei is healthy and gets ralph off the field, that will help out a lot.

after losing stegal to age, and derrick to attitude/knee injury... our recieving corps has taken a huge hit and is now near the bottom of the league. we should make a trade with calgary or montreal and try and land a decent guy to help us out... or give crap thorp another shot.. he seemed a little productive last time he was out. maybe nfl cuts will help us out in this spot.

keeping at least picard would have helped our oline out a lot. then we could have started obby at gaurd. but whats done is done...

Bishop thre 2 td passes against Montreal, only problem is the receiver did not hang on. The int at the end was just a desperation play...it happens. Sure Bish fumbled and threw a pick, it happens, Anthony had 2 picks

I cannot recall a CFL QB who is more polarizing than Michael Bishop; he seems to cause some fans to have blind love for him and find excuses for every mistake made, while he causes other fans to blindly hate him and blame him solely for every mistake made.

The truth no doubt lies somewhere in the middle. He isn't as bad as some Bishop bashers think (and I do think there have been worse QBs in the CFL, past and present . . . Ted White, Stefan LeFors). He also isn't nearly as good as his supporters like to claim.

Bottom line for me; so far this season he's completed 45 passes out of 95 attempts for a 47.4% completion ratio, one TD and 4 interceptions, and a passer rating of 52.8.

Mediocre at best. Not the God some seem to think he is, and also not the pariah others claim him to be. His completion percentage is marginally better than LeFors, but his passer rating is lower than LeFors'.

It's not all his fault. . . and it's also incorrect to claim that none of it is his fault. Like I said, I see the truth lying in between the two extremes. But regardless of all that, I happen to believe that the main problem in Winnipeg lies elsewhere, in the offensive scheme (and particularly Kelly's strange aversion to a shotgun formation, which would I think play more to Bishop's skill set). As long as Kelly holds to his conviction of his own offensive genius, I can't see the point of bringing in another QB, as I don't think it would change much, if anything.

Excellent post, MJ.

TheFullDistance: You keep bringing up Calvillo's two INTs, but fail to mention that Calvillo also passed for 4 TDs. How many TDs did Bishop pass for? What was his completion percentage? My God, man, Bishop isn't the only problem on the team, but right now, he isn't part of the solution either.

One of these days, dp, we're just going to have to find something about the CFL that we disagree on. . . otherwise I'll start to be convinced that we are twins separated at birth. . . and I doubt you are THAT old. . .

I'm almost 33 ... old enough for you, twin? :lol: :lol: :lol: