Start Ron Lancaster... (and I also ask you guys a question!)

We are 1-6 and the coaching staff doesn't seem to want to start Chang (or Williams) so I have another idea...

Start Ron Lancaster!

I'm sure Ron could lose 6 of the next 7 games just as well as Jason Maas has.

Another question that people can answer if they want...

Professional sports would cease to exist without fans. Fans buy tickets, concessions, memorabilia, clothing, etc... They also watch the games on TV which leads companies to want to advertise during the sporting event, etc...

Well the majority of Tiger-Cats fans (on this site and off) DO NOT want to see Jason Maas as their starting Quarterback. So why has there not been a CHANGe? We might lose with Chang (or Williams, Lancaster, Ryan Leaf, Keanue Reeves, etc..) but at least humour us! We KNOW that Maas can't get it done... at least let us find out if anyone else has some life in them.



Could you please direct me to where this poll was conducted that decided that the majority of people do not want Jason Maas as the starting QB. Was in on this site, local press, local tv, community newspapers, where? I would like to read the question and see the exact results and numbers involved.

Got anything to support that statement?

The fans may be the life-line of a pro sports organization, but that in no way makes the consensus of the mob, whatever that may be, the key to winning football.

i sure hope you werent serious.starting lancaster at qb? the way things are going lancaster may start coach

I'm not sure if it's that MOST of the people here don't want Maas as QB, I think it's more that that anti-Maas crowd is the more vocal of the two. I would like to say that I would much rather have a coach that does what HE feels is best for the team, rather than caving to the pressure of what the fans think he should do. That would be akin to letting the lunatics run the asylum :wink:

I was once told that people who have a good experience (in this case, the experience being watching the Ticats play) are likely to tell 5 people about it, whereas, people who have a bad experience are more willing to tell 20.

I think that is the case with this forum and the anti-Maas crowd.

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Thanx for this post Rusty!
First thing that made me laugh all week!

Pain heals, chicks dig scars... glory lasts forever.
(Keanu Reeves in The Replacements)

Actually, I'm surprised that the Pro-Maas contingent hasn't picked up on your suggestion about Lancaster or gone searching for McManus. To them it all seems to be about age and experience...

i'd start at qb for free! save money, hire rob from section 7

I was thinking more along the lines of Mike Kerrigan or Ken Hobart. :smiley:

Are you old enough to remember Ed Smith?

Rebuilding this team is akin to restoring a car. You get all the best parts you can find, install them to the best of your ability, and forget or choose not to rebuild or replace the engine. You know what you'll end up with. A beautiful car that doesn't run. A football team is just that... A TEAM. This team has been rebuilt from top to bottom. But... without replacing the quarterback it still runs like sh.. The quarterback is the engine of a team. A football team lives and dies with the quarterback. This is basic football 101. If we don't soon replace the quarterback we might not win any more games this year. My take on this.


Apples and oranges.

Apples and engines?

So if Jason Maas is the engine, does that mean the 'check engine' light is on now? Or should we wait a bit longer and see if it just goes off after a while like it does in my car?

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At least someone saw the humour that I was aiming for in this post.

As far as people asking me about where I got the statistics about the majority not wanting Maas.

Well... from going to the games, talking to people at the mall (I think it was called Limeridge) and seeing people talk on this forum.

C'mon... it's a pretty good sign that people don't like Maas when his jersey was 50% off at the sporting goods store yet all the other ones were sold out!

You mean we don't?

8) Maybe those people at that sporting goods store know something already regarding Maas that we don't know yet !!!!!!!! :wink:

Man, it could get pretty expensive dropping a new engine in every time the check engine light comes on.
I think I'm going to leave this one to Charlie T, a trained mechanic.

Now that I think about it, the last car I actually changed the engine in was a 72 LeMans - somewhere round about '84. So if I'm to follow through with this analogy, it's a new team I should be looking for, not a new engine.

Go Bombers Go. :wink:

I'm not asking Coach Taffee to get rid of Maas. I'm just asking him to start someone other than Maas for just one game. We have the CFL's best backup Quarterback... the only problem is... HE KEEPS STARTING GAMES!