Start Richie Williams

Oops sorry wrong season LOL actually start Glenn lets see what he does with a few more weeks of first team reps

I actually love Richie.

After last night and you still have a sense of humour gotta love that :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Actually he was one of my favorites while he was here when he came off the bench thing just lit up was fun to watch. Yea have to keep smiling

Richie is a great quaterback but I am bias though.He led my alma mater-Appalachian State University Mountaineers to the I-AA national champhionship in 2005(the first of three straight).Hopefully someone else will give another shot.Toronto desperately needs help but I'm not sure I would want to step into that quagmire.

I think cody pickett is doing great

Richie Williams was not a great QB. He had a bit of a spark coming off the bench but when you compare stats and ratings, somebody did this in another thread last year, his numbers were the same as Casey Printers.

Richie was good for 1 or 2 series when he came in.

He doesn't have the arm for the CFL game and just wasn't that great.

Why do i find myself disagreeing with almost all of your posts?
He started i think 3 games last year and we were in 2 of them and think we won both dont quote me on that but hes solid, and is a great team guy.

You don’t have to agree with me and love to debate.

Unfortunately football is based on what you do on the field and not on personality. Each of our QBs won a game last year. (Printers, Porter and Williams)

To be perfectly honest, he has been cut by 2 teams in less than a year. In Winnipeg you could argue that he’s better than Lefors but really, by how much is he?

He’s a change of pace quarterback for a series or two. I remember him playing the last couple years and the offense wouldn’t move under him and the game became very boring.

We liked Richie cuz of his personality but in this business if you can’t cut the mustard, you will be out of a job.

Richie had a similar QB rating to Casey Printers and we couldn’t wait to get rid of him.