Start Richie Williams

Maas is clearyly injured, his arm is as strong as spaghetti, at least richie williams is mobile and young enough that he can sustain the hits and be durable for a while.

why not play richie williams? come on ronnie, jason isnt gonna get the job done.

Yes in the brief moments that Williams was in one of the games he through a long spiral, right on target. Time to put him in. Eakins best days occured last year and Maas is not delivering.

Start Williams to see what he can deliver before next year.

I agree,would like to see Williams start..can't be anyworse than the other two,have Mass come off the bench if Williams is not doing well.
Eakin..get rid of him!

I agree,would like to see Williams start..can't be anyworse than the other two,have Mass come off the bench if Williams is not doing well.
Eakin..get rid of him!

I would have to agree I would like to see Williams get a chance to start the next game, get him some experience and just let him go with what Mass has done I don't think he could do any worse.

Williams is notches below Maas and Eakin which is scarey.
I saw him in the Black and Gold game and he was our 4th best QB that day.

He is not the answer...but what was the question again??

Based on what Williams showed in the small amount of game time he played this year, he deserves to start a game.
Maas is NEVER going to be the answer and Eakin's career went to the dumper before last season ended. He's had limited playing time this year and seven (7) interceptions.

I'd have to agree to start Williams. It was clear tonight that the offensive line gave Maas more than enough time. They opened holes for Holmes. But both Maas and Eakin made some horrible throws and decisions that cost the game.

At this point, why not?

Williams should have started tonight. Argos have one of the poorest run D's in the league... Holmes/play action scramble combo would have been a worthy game plan,but then again where only arm chair QB's... what do we know? WE KNOW NOT TO GO FOR IT ON 3 AND 2, IN YOUR OWN END, DOWN BY 6, WITH OUR D PLAYING GOOD. Quit blaming the players Ronnie when your making just as many brilliant mistakes!

eakin is a mess, how can your backup have 7 picks? maas is another story, he's done, at least williams can get reps get some experience and a chance to compete for next year.

every cfl team that has a pocket-passer as their starting QB has a backup short yardage-qb, why cant the ticats at least use richie as their short yardage QB.

Why is Eakin so bad compared to last year? Easy. Last year he had Danny Mac coaching him on the sidelines. Just like he's doing with Henry Burris in Calgary this year. Maybe D-Mac's best playing years were behind him, but he has calm, cool, veteran leadership ... something which the Ti-Cats are sadly lacking. Maas was supposed to be the mentor for Eakin. Maas is sadly in need of a q-back coach or mentor himself. Lancaster could probably do the job, but he's too busy as H-C. That was a big mistake getting rid of Danny ... we needed that veteran, calm, cool leadership and knowledge that he had. Who has that on this team now? Nobody. Maas needs somebody, and he has nobody. D-Mac as back-up would have helped him immensely, both in calming him down and helping him to see the field, as well as mentoring Eakin or Williams coming up at third spot. Just look at Burris, and watch him and D-Mac kibbitzing on the sidelines. Great relationship there.
D-Mac would also have been more on the behinds of the receivers, I think, who have obviously given up on Maas and won't play for him.

BOONE, N.C. (AP) -- Richie Williams threw four touchdown passes Saturday and Appalachian State dominated the third quarter to beat Eastern Kentucky 49-21.

Williams threw for 319 yards and had scoring tosses to four teammates to lead the Mountaineers (1-1), who had 492 total yards. Williams also rushed for 90 yards, while DaVon Fowlkes added 11 catches for 171 yards and a score.

Whatever the context might be, some guys fit in the suit better than others...Some players are real dedicated and teamspirited, they are entitled to a new, young and athletic (healthy) leader. He should have seen action in the second half at least !

knickick....2 football...and by the way this is really starting to look like the "START BRADY" threads last ladies and gentlemen are looking to our 3rd string QB to come in and work miracles and save the wont happen...

After watching tonights game on tape… Eakin is walking around with his arm around Ivory after Ivory is running back another turnover and after hes thrown an INT for a TD.

Wheres the emotion? Is this a joke to Kevin?

No more of a joke as 7 INTS in limited action.

Lose Eakin, Eakin Spells Pure Jokes.

should we stick with Maas? Not asking for miracles or the playoffs, just a little FOOTBALL might be nice for a change.
Williams is unlikely the answer for next year, but then again maybe he is, WE DON'T KNOW! Let him start a game or two... it can't be any worse than this!


What are you all talking about? Maas' arm is great, he threw a rope to that Argos' player, right between the numbers!