start preparing for next year OBIE - changes to be made now

  1. BTE BYE Taffe - 1. 5 years of a ridiculously outcoached team. OBIE takes over for now .

  2. Cut 3 defensive backs that have played poorly all year - GORDON, GLASPER , ROBINSON ( BRUTAL LAST 2 GAMES ) - replace for now with Beveridge . Nedd ( freeing up import spot a linebacker ) , Zematis, Bo Smith .

  3. Put Mariuz back to backup and specialty teams . He is just not strong enough . Employ Anthony in this spot and blitz him alot .

  4. Dress Ernest Jackson at slotback and let Cohen go . Cohen has showed nothing .

  5. Bring in many D-LINEMAN, DBACKS , LINEBACKERS, RECIEVERS , AND OFFENSIVE TACKLES from NFL CUTS to try out now for next years team .

6 . Immediately remove Adams , Lewis as they have had enough time and have showed nothing . Keep Patrick and Coliins to give them a bit more time,

7 Get Bekasiuk in there and see what he can do on the D-LINE OR O-LINE .

8 Try to upgrade the specailty teams instead of using poor candian backups

9 Get rid of Sean Manning as your 2knd long pylon . Someone please tell me why we use this guy ???

I agree with everything except point 2. Gordon and Robinson have played well, we have no pass rush. It's a shame Barker broke his ankle though because we could use him at safety. For now we need to start Bekasiak and bring in Kai Ellis.

I agree RE: Gordon – I think he’s improved massively from the start of the season. :thup:

It never seems that sign players when cut from other CFL teams so don't hold yor breathe . i am starting to think they just don't have the money. We need at least on veteran at each position including the defensive line and DB's . Pass rush or no pass rush did you not see Robinson's tackling ? I am very tolerent but I am geting close to not watching anymore games if just for my health :slight_smile: