i really think the cats should start QP on sunday. Nothing aginst KG, but after beating BC twice it looks like he gives us our best chance to win. :wink:

O God. Lock this thread now and save bandwidth for something worthwile

Bunni have been into Bud Light today ? :smiley:

Are you Crazy ???? :smiley:

Don't even kid about this :lol: :lol: :lol:

Is it unethical to tell the media Porter is starting and have him start and pull him out after the first series of downs? That would mess up the Leos game planning for the game me thinks. :wink:

It won't now that you said that, They'll be ready for it now.

I think what we really should do is start Boltus. Nobody would be ready for that. :lol:

Oops, me and my big mouth, you're right bg! :oops: -- :wink:

Start Marvin Hage at QB. Nobody will see that coming

Is that Marwan's brother or something?? :lol:

Hey, he looks Martian to me. (backing up slowly towards the door) :lol:

Please tell me you're joking..

Just goes to show ya, you can never get unanimous concensus.

It goes beyond that. Anyone who wants to replace a QB on a 3 game win streak is a moron. Plain and simple. Plus in the game before the win streak started Glenn threw for 506 yards.

The sad thing about being a football fan is that more than any other sport you're surrounded by fans that really don't understand the game. Hence stupid ideas like this.

Anyone who knows Bunni knows that he is being a wise guy. Settle down folks lol.

Even if you don’t its pretty obvious to anyone with average intelligence who thinks with their head before jumping on some kind of emotional rant :roll:

Why not start with the wildcat formation using ? Featuring Glenn,Porter,and Trafalis :stuck_out_tongue:

Start Porter? Unbelieveable is all I have to say.
Doc 8)

That win at home against BC was the flukiest win of the year. Our defence bailed us out big time, like they've done all year lol

I was wrong. This thread has some pretty entertaining posts and only 1 or 2 people that take it seriously. I honestly expected another war due to the emotional outbursts of some of the more intolerant posters

Intolerant posters? Here? Perish the thought. . .