Start Porter, not Glenn in game 1

Steve Milton suggested in his column this morning that the Cats should start Glenn because game 1 is a “must win.” But I like the idea of starting Porter and going to Glenn if Porter falters. Porter is our future and he can do the job. Let’s not yank him before giving him a chance.

I totally agree. Porter has to start, I was honestly shocked when I read that article in the spec. I thought Porter had the first start in the bag...

I have to agree with On In Two. Porter starts and Glenn is the backup. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Porter should start. This is his team.

That being said... it's nice to have experience at the backup position.

The case for Glenn to start is based on theory and sentiment. That's not good enough. It has to be clearly demonstrated that a change in QB is needed. So far it has not.

Im not saying Porter shouldn't start, but has he actually done anything in camp to deserve the role?

I think the bigger decision should be who is starting on the o and d lines.

The o line wasn't very good for most of the game on Tuesday. The d line had zero pressure.

I am more concerned with this than who the QB will be who is running for his life because of missed assignments.

I agree with Steve Milton. Glenn should start and go with Porter if necessary. Like I've said before Porter may be the future, but I don't think the future is here. Start Glenn against Toronto. If he does well. Start him in B.C. We will lose in BC that's a given. Then we go to Porter and see what he can do.

If you look at who gives you the best chance to win, then I'd give the edge to Glenn based on his experience.

That's not good enough. [b]It has to be clearly demonstrated that a change in QB is needed. So far it has not.[/b]
That's a very good point, and one that has convinced me. Porter it is then.

Porter should start... This is our great Head Coach (trying) to make a decision... If you haven't seen The Spec. Video asking MB who will be the starter you may have second thoughts on Marcel... Here it is...

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If Marcel has a sense of humour, maybe he'll start Tafralis, even if just for one series............just to shock the pants off all of us (and off Milton, and off the blue team too).

I get the impression Marcel badly wants to be able to annoint Porter, but he's not sure it's in the best interest of the team or Porter himself right now.

Well Marcel’s the head coach, so it’s time for him to start earning the salary…it’s his decision to make, let’s hope it’s the right one.

Maybe he'll start Cobb? As our 'Wildcat' qb.

Works for me !!

Start Cobb in a wildcat…have Porter and/or Glenn behind him in the backfield…run a rollout option play…Cobb pitches to one of them, who then heaves a bomb to Rodriguez and the Cats go up by a TD on the first play of the game.

Be a nice start to the season…

Danny Mac to Demitrious Breedlove vs BC in 2004.

Works for me, might be hard to hide Porter in the back field though. lol

Sorry Start Glen He makes Reads Quicker and gets rid of the ball
The Oline is still not jelled enought to wait for Porter to make his reads

This is how locker rooms get divided and fans run QB's out of town. Its not even week 1 and we have a QB controversy.

Disappointing to say the least.... soon threats of boycotts will follow.

Quinton is a level-headed young man who can contain his ego.

He is not like Casey Printers was, an ego-driven man

who only said he was all for what was best
for the team but didn't really mean it.

Quinton publicly stated that he knows
that he is not as advanced as Kevin is

at this time and spoke about learning a lot from him,

and IMO, he meant it when he said that whoever
Marcel's decides is the # 1 QB is okay with him.

So, Crash, it shouldn't be a problem in the locker room
if Quinton is not our starting QB right off the bat.

especially if we start off the season with
a win against a beatable foe like Toronto

The fickle fans won't care which quarterback is starting
by the time we win the next home game vs Winnipeg.