Start of a winning streak in BC

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the Cats are going to start their winning streak in BC.
As our players are starting to come around to what Charlie expects from them (albeit) slowly but surely, I'm confident they can sneak out a win.
The only worry I have is the time change. It's a 10:30pm start, so the adjustment will be a challenge.
Also, they really have to shut down the running game of BC.

The really good thing is that the Cats would have film on all 3 of the BC QB's so that helps our chances. BC would have very little Chang film and Maas may bring his A game.

I really think that our O-line is finally coming around. The D-line has to come up big with lots of pressure on the BC qb's.
I have the feeling that this is where we turn it all around. :cowboy:

Having McKay and Collier at the 2 DE spots will really help the D-line. The Tackles should always be fresh with rotation also.

I agree. Looking forward to seeing Mckay-Naughtyn again.

or something like that.... :stuck_out_tongue:

I think McKay will wanna have a big game against his former team. That guy is a beast and we need him to have a successful front 4. Also agree that Collier at the other DE spot really helps the D-line

I think you are really going out on a limb with that prediction. I hope that this game is not so lop-sided that we are unable to make any improvements. The Ti-Cats are overmatched in this one, and Wally will make sure that his team is not looking past the 'Cats.

We will keep it close if we don't beat ourselves, regardless of which QB starts for BC.


I think the Cats will be 4 - 4 by Labour Day.

0-3 now 4-4 by Labour Day? Even the optimistic might have trouble envisionsing this one with 4 of those games comming on the road. 3 and 5 would be outstanding. 2 and 6 would be great or 1 and 7 would be expected

start of a winning streak?..keep drinking that koolaid boys!