Start Joseph, Sunseri off the bench?

So what now?

I suggest start KJ, let Tino watch for a few series, then come in after a good look. He just seems to do better in those circumstances. He (and the whole team) is in desperate need of a good outing resulting in a win (or, at the very least, a close loss).

I just hope Mr Chamberlin and Mr Cortez don't throw him to the wolves again. Nothing to lose starting KJ IMO.

What say you Rider Nation? What is the answer?

I was thinking the same thing earlier actually. Problem being that if the same/similar game is called as yesterday it really doesn't matter who you put in there.

Part of me does wonder, looking at how god awful they looked, if the team might be hoping to go to the East. I am not calling the East an Easy path...they are miles better than a month ago, but would it not almost be better? Playing in Toronto would be not bad...elsewhere, I am not so sure.

In my opinion, going East is suicide.... For some reason, the Riders just don't fare well in the east. Time difference maybe? Earlier games maybe? Not sure... They just can't seem to ever exercise the Eastern Demon

They have 3 games remaining against the top 2 teams in the west. Here is their opportunity to get some additional film, and really "learn" how to beat Calgary and Edmonton. In all reality, Edmonton will be the toughest hurdle... For some reason the Riders are in the Stamps head. So I say go through the West... Half of Commonwealth would be Rider fans, and half of Calgsry would be Rider fans...

To be the best, you beat the best. Might has well get it over with right away...

actually not a bad idea this way the defence has to focus on 2 players that can run the ball not just 1 the running back,
this is called spreading the defense ?
why didn't Cortez think of this sooner maybe now we can actually get a couple more 1st downs before we have to punt?
this way we just might get decent field position.

No more BS.

Start Tino. Let him throw.

End of discussion.

If they have any intention of re-signing Tino for next year...who is set to be a FA...sure.
If not, start KJ.

Would appear KJ is starting, taking basically all the reps on O.

sounds like you are/were at the practice so I have to ask was Durant doing anything or more just observing? How does KJ look? Does he seem comfortable with the system? Is he going to the sidelines looking for oxygen :wink: ? Hopefully he will add some confidence to the offense and it will reflect on the field.

Wasn't there but a friend sent a few pictures and texts. He said it was unfortunately rather crappy weather, and he got a huge chuckle about seeing a half dozen QBs out don't often see that pre-season let alone over 3/4 in...pretty funny really.

Durant was not throwing but was working with people and interacting. Guess it was like he was getting with the vibe and moving around some. He was geared up though. Joseph looked fine, and if he didn't take all of the snaps it was apparently a vast majority of them. He never noticed who was running 2nds for short yardage teams.

Been reading through an article in the Regina Leader Rider news, sounds to me Joseph will get the nod to start. Rumour has it Durant will be activated for the Calgary game at McMahon, but don't think he'll play until the last regular season game in Regina against the Eskimos. Link below..

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Mind you this is a huge game for both clubs as an Esky win - they likely host the West Semi-Final. Would be nice to see the Riders to get a win too.

We live and die with Sunseri until DD gets back! He won't get any better by watching. End of story!

Not sure if the coaches feel the same way. I guess a lot depends on how well and comfortable KJ looked and will look in the up coming practices. If he seems to have a good grasp on things and looks relatively sharp I would expect him to get the start. If he struggles then Tino may get in and that actually might not be a bad thing. He seems to do far better after watching how the game is going for a bit before he takes the field. Besides lets face it this is going to be a pressure cooker of a game. The fans are losing more then a bit of patience with the team and lack of offense and to throw Tino out there at the start to a pretty rowdy crowd may not be the best for him either.
Edmonton is going to try and decide this one early and completely take the crowd out of it or even worse get them booing the Riders performance. I expect lots of heat from the defense and they will not make the same mistake Montreal did and not crowd the middle of the field at the start of the game. They are going to force the offense to pass and see if they can handle it. If not then it could be a very long afternoon for the defense again and the fans. It is absolutely critical that the offense can have success passing the ball as that opens the run game for later. No pass game or if Cortez is stubborn/stupid enough to try and force the run then this could get ugly real fast.

Defense must get heat on Rielly and if he decides to run they have to punish him and punish him hard, not dirty just hard.
White is certainly a threat also and with our linebackers being suspect I expect the Eskimos try to use our own offensive game plan of ball control and running against us. It is also very critical that the defense doesn't give up if we get behind as hard as it is to stay positive they must do so. If the offense sees the defense give up they will certainly follow the example.

I look for this to be a pretty intense game especially at the start and discipline could be a factor. Edmonton is going to try and physically dominate and intimidate the Riders. That could lead to penalty issue for both teams. The Riders must be smart as Edmonton is known to take its fair share of unnecessary roughness penalties so no retaliation and the Riders could gain some critical field position.

Sorry kind of got off topic but one thing kind of lead to the other and off the track I went. :lol:

I'm all for Kerry starting, and think he will do a far better job running the offence! Years of experience is never a bad thing! If he faulters then Tino!! JMO


plus Tino seems to do well off the bench

I think the Riders need to punish Rielly, and who cares if one or two aren't clean... If I'm Chamblain, I give the defense the go ahead for 2 or 3 penalties on him. Last game in Edmonton, he looked quite smug running against the defense. Diving feet first this time and then pulling and lowering the shoulder the next. IMO, don't let Rielly dictate the play.. Just absolutely cream him regardless.... Legal or not. Put the the fear into him that if he thinks about pulling the ball down and running, he is going to get hurt. They have another game against them at the end of the season, plus a potential playoff match-up. Time to get into Edmonton's head too...

It's also payback for the hit on Taj. If Edmonton wants to be physical, that suits up the Riders alley. We need to get back to smash mouth football... Same as they did last year in the Grey Cup run...

Surely there is some local fan that would take the ~3000 minimum pay for a one game contract and just lay him out on one play about 15 seconds after the whistle. The fine would be covered but the 3k, and you could shrug off suspension.

I totally jest of course, but can you imagine!

If the Riders had a respectable inside LB they could give the odd good smack and be totally legal. Now Ferri can lay a smack, but when they focused on blocking him in Montreal there was SFA he could do about it because of his size. Perhaps with a game under his belt now he will regain some agility and get to some of those hits.

Instead of a local fan, need some businesses… Tax write off for advertising and promotion. Endorse the Rider player on an ad to promote your business and pay him the same amount as the fine… Lol

If the D-line has a chance or two to wrap him, they should not throw him down nicely. Even a roughing the passer hit or two… 2 elephants after he delivers the ball… Get into his head. And I agree about Ferri and the LB’s. The Riders need to have someone spotting Rielly, so when he takes off, they can keep him in check. If a LineBacker can step up and take a lick or two on him, he won’t be so eager to take off. I think Edmonton will be using play action a lot with White… Riders need to keep Edmonton one dimensional with pass. Rumor has it Bowman may not play. Apparently he left practice early this week with a bad ankle, possible leg injury. And although the game in Edmonton wasn’t pretty, I thought they did decent in limiting Edmonton on their passing game

I would rather see them hit him clean but very hard. If he continues to try and take on guys head on then the gloves come off.

Disgusting comment.

You dishonor the game and the green and white. :thdn: