Start Jason Maas

Speaking of Damon Allen, I hope you noticed that in his only start this year, he had real good stats. However, while he could still manage the game quite nicely, it was obvious he just couldn't kick it up a notch and take control of a game anymore. Pinball made the hard decision and demoted future HOFer Allen to 3rd string!! Of course, Maas isn't as old as Allen but the situation in Hamilton is similar. Maas will compile decent stats---he'll get his completions, typically short passes to the flat or maybe just over the middle, drive the team to field goal range every now and then, occasionally a back will get a good gain on the ground, he'll even throw a TD pass every other game. Yup, he'll manage the game to yet another loss. An old saying says that statistics are for losers.

0-4, 4-14.... just how bad does it have to get before the coaches make the hard decision and make a change at QB? Maybe Chang isn'the answer.....but after so many losses we definitely know that Maas isn't.

An Argo-Cat fan

The proof 72 is clear to see every game. Maas absolutely cannot throw more than 20 yards. Its a vast improvement over the 8 yard limit of last season but its still a debilitating disadvantage

I attended a half-dozen practices and I assure you that the man in the number 11 jersey CAN throw the ball 40-45 yards in a nice, tight spiral. Game conditions are different, of course, but I've seen with my own eyes that he is physically capable of airing it out. I won't argue that he going to ever be the premiere long-ball thrower in the league, but the fact that he has seldom done something in four games is not proof that he can't.

Maas has been alright so far, and I hope to seem improve along with the team.

If there are signs of that, then keep him until Chang is ready to take over the reins.

If not, then start preparing Timmy Chang to be your starter sooner rather than later.

Maas is at the age (32 in Nov.) where a QB peaks, combining his physical abilty with years of learning how to play the position. Either way, he hasn't got too much time left.

Wow, here we go again. Speaking of quick fixes... remember "As soon as Khari Jones gets off the plane at Mt Hope.. give him the team and lets go!" He was horrid.

There have been some glaring reasons that we're 0-3. One of the biggest reasons is the platoon of receivers shipped in and out of camp, practice and even the games. If Jason Maas is healthy (and really we've been given no indication that he isnt... he never had a cannon of an arm) then he's still young enough to lead this team for a couple more seasons. But overall the receivers have to get better cause right now its a weakness on this team.

Coach Taaffe knows what hes doing and if he feels Maas cant make the throws (just like he thought Hitch and Mike were not able to contribute) he'll bench Maas, theres no loyalty and no reason to keep him.

Timmy Chang will get his chance and he's already shown more than most of our QB's not named McManus over the past 10 years... Lets wait until we have some consistency in the play calling, as well as the offensive personnel. I think he has only thrown 2 or 3 interceptions this season... not bad at all if you ask me.

Maas starts until he cannot make the proper reads and throws, and continues to start until Chang can consistently move the ball, remember Chang had 3 chances to win the game at home and failed to move the ball.

I just want to shake my head and scream when I read some of these comments in favour of starting Maas another game. No one here is suggesting that we decapitate Mr. Maas, stone him or hang him from the nearest tree. We are not even suggesting, heaven forbid, to even cut the guy from the team. We are simply suggesting that the young, up-and-coming quarterback who has broken all kinds of passing records, who is confident, commands respect and has shown he can lead the offence downfield, start against Winnipeg. Folks we are 0-4. We could have, should have won two games. All that was required was a quarterback to take control of the game and march the ball downfield a couple of times. Maas couldn't do it and will never do it.
If this coach starts Maas again we will lose to Winnipeg. It might be close and Maas's numbers might even be ok but we will be 0-5, 0-6,0-7. If Maas starts next game I will be very suspect of Taaffe's ability to make the tough calls. Despite what some people here think, he's not a God. Some of his decisions in the last game proved that...
Start Chang and if he can't get the job done bring in Maas.

are u insane?

i dont agree with a single thing u said

hmmmmm where do i start???

ah i no!

he throws a td and an int every game?

we wont succeed if our starting QB cant throw 2 tds in a game

and it he is actually throwing a tds every other game.....he has 2 in 4 games

and in the game against montreal jason maas put up 10 points in 50 minutes and chang did that in 10 minutes and after that all he didnt do anythign because he was thrwoing the ball way downfield because he was trying to come from behind because maas couldnt get the job done

and chang is a rookie in the CFL ( different rules and different size and field )

and uea i no maas is improving a bit but he is still struggling to throw a td pass

and he are 0-4 with him as a starter this season

just how many losses do u expect us too lose before it is time to start chang?

I love Jason's passion, heart and competitive spirit.
He certainly is a real gamer, but in this league you must be able to get the ball down the field and also be able to throw an out route, with authority. He has no confidence in his ability to throw deep.
This is not good in this passing league.

Crash, you KNOW you can't talk common sense to these people, it's a foreign language to them.

Go ahead - play Chang. Just be prepared to throw away the season. You people make me sick.

Sigpig, What are you so afraid of? Are you afraid Chang will steal the starting job.? Hell, Chang might come out and stink the joint out. I’m willing to take that gamble. Why aren’t you willing to let him get a start or two and see where it takes us. Or are you afraid to win.
Taaffe says the Ticats don’t know how to win, I’m beginning to think the same about some of their fans.

it's game 5 and the offence is a work in progress. like the coaches say you have to be patient with a new offence. just look how much the oline has improved over 2 games.
maas will continue to progress as the team does if he doesn't chang will be sent in. it's not like maas is playing horrible, i don't think the long ball is there yet so the theory on chang and his better arm is not relevant.
it's absolutely the wrong time now to start chang although i think you may see him play some real soon.
by the way anyone watch mcmahon tonight? still want to dump maas for this guy? lol

Actually, I'm NOT afraid he'll "steal" the starting job (however, I'd prefer if he WON the job). I want the best QB, LB, RB, OL, DL, CB, HB, S, SB, WR, FB, P/K to play as a TEAM.

I actually see a future all-star QB in Timmy Chang (hopefully with the Tiger-Cats). I just believe that he needs AT LEAST a season as a backup. I also believe that Jason Maas is our best choice to LEAD this team to wins. If he is not moving the yardsticks, then it's time for Chang or Williams to come in and try and prove themselves. So far, it hasn't happened.

Start Maas forever and let Williams petrify ! He may turn into a loose ball that Chang may pick up ! If Mr. Wilson could speak...! I am a spiral into the winingless...but i've got an air of waiving : let me out of mass hands !

This is the correct answer.

Ah, but 'throwing pearls of wisdom at the feet of swine',
is a waste JFL, and sig, none will grasp the message.

mmmmmmmmmmm.... pig's feet

Actually it is.

Actually this is where your argument falls flat. There is every indication Maas is not healthy and no indication that he is

Section8since72 stated very clearly that he saw evidence
at practice that Jason can CAN throw the ball 40-45 yards
in a nice, tight spiral. I have witnessed the same thing,

Rational fans witnessing what we witnessed
would say he is physically capable, A-convert.

and I would argue that Game conditions
are no different than practice conditions.

Practice balls mean nothing. Maas has proven time and time again he is incapable of tossing the ball more than 20 yards with any velocity or consistancy. Frankly I don’t even buy the argument that Maas is airing it out in practice. I keep hearing people say he’s doing it games when anyone watching can see he is not.