Start Jason Maas

Jason Maas should be the Tiger- Cats starter, i don't know why anyone thinks differently. He has been decent the past few weeks throwing over 50% and throwing a touchdown and a pick in each contest. He is improving, and the O- line is holding up a little better. In the game against Montreal, Chang came in and threw ONE touchdown and did nothing after that. Also you can't really consider Chang a rookie, considering he spent a training camp with the Eagles and a season in NFL Europa. I don't believe Chang will ever be more than a backup. Keep the ball in Maas's hands and improvement will continue and good things will happen.

Winnipeg is the team that Timmy Chang has seen the most film on.....this is a perfect opportunity to break him in as a starting QB in my opinion....and Winnipeg isn't exactly a powerhouse....

....give Chang the start the next two games...with a record of 9-31 since 2005, it's not exactly like we are taking a huge risk here.

We really have to get away from doing the same things over and over and over and over and expecting different ain't gonna happen.

We must start acting for the future and not the quick fix (which never happens anyhow if you notice)


So let's just go play Ledbetter,Gonzalez,Butchie Washington,Corley,Sankey,Beujter,Brady,Eakin because one of them has to be the future. :roll:

and thats the attitude in general that has us at 9-31 since everybody but never, ever admit that the incumbant starting QB may have to give it up for a while in favour of the new rising star

....Ticat fans generally want wins while doing the same things that fail over and over and over...and here's a clue...IT ISN'T WORKING!...'s almost funny to watch now.

I figure your post is about as serious as the one about changing the team name from Clark, but what the hey...

The cumulative record over the past few years means nothing. Different management, different coaches, dramatically different roster. The only thing constants in the BY era are Mr.Young, Mr.Lancaster, Ryan Donnelly and the guy that sells pop in section 8.

The thing they've done most is make roster changes. Making another change isn't an antidote to that.

Quick fix? Like changing QBs just when things begin to take a turn for the better?

Mike, it's a really nice day for cutting the grass.

Start Jon Beutjer!

Someone started a thread either last year or the year before that asked "what would you do if you were the GM of the Ticats".....I answered it this way...

"If I was the GM I'd walk into that locker room and tell all the coaches and players to stop pointing fingers at each other and WORK IT OUT!.........NOBODY IS GETTING FIRED SO SUCK IT UP ....and get busy!!....

What happened?....Everybody got fired ! .....and here we are.....same old crap, different day..... :roll:

Flick et al are smokin' by the way on their respective :cry:

Mikey ,leave the coachin to the coaches .
They've seen more Bombers than London Eng.
Stop backstabbing Jason !

that's funny....

I like Jason....

What we need to do in Hamilton is stop this habit we've had for years of making 'projects' out of veteran QB's who are either injured, have lost a few steps or are simply at the end of their careers......we have to ask them to step aside, help the 'new guy' prosper and get the team back to it's winning ways.......

....but it never happens like it does on other teams......thus....9-31

It's really not more complicated than that at all....but if you want to keep with the methods that continue to fail, be my really isn't bothering me as much anymore as it's becoming the norm.

Gotta go cut my grass :wink:

Yep, Flick's one guy. "Et al" is more likely cutting the grass and waiting for the phone to ring.

Make a list of all the guys this team has cut or traded over the past three years, many to the great shock and bewilderment of a lot of fans, and then figure out how many of them are playing professional football this summer. Maybe sixty or seventy on the first list, and a handfull on the second. Now make a list of how many of those are making any major contribution where they are now.

Bottom line is that the Toronto Argonauts are not 2-1 right now and possibly 3-1 later tonight because they listened to Damon Allen go into a temper tantrum......he's finished and the team said so.....and they are moving on to winning ways....

us in Hamilton?......9-31 because we are worried about the 'feelings' of so-called starting QB's who refuse to hang it up......and it affects the entire franchise.....

......but seriously, if that's what fans are clamouring for, go for it.....just quit biotching because we are known as a losing team and the joke of the can't have it both ways....

me?..I'm still a fan for life but I know exactly what has to be done......Eakin was mis-managed and is gone as a result so let's not do the same thing with Chang.....


Go to the "agenda thread" mikey. Your agenda has been going on for 4 years. You never miss an opportunity to bash our starting QB and call for the backup.

that's not debate've been ordering people to go to other threads all day.....I'm debating..either join in or stop your 'moderating'.....thanks

I never say anything when you try to turn threads into some sort of bizarre sex talk as I feel that's up to the mods themselves to stop just mind your own business k?....if you want to debate the issue at hand though, I'm game.

Different situation entirely. Veteran team and coaching staff with two experienced pro QBs on the roster ahead of Allan.

On the topic of DAllan and cleaning house, kind of nice in retrospect that the Cats parted ways with DMac before became a DAllan-type situation.

Sad to see football’s career yards leader and arecent MVP sitting number four on the depth chart behind Bishop, McMahon and whoever they pick up if Bishop or McMahon can’t play.

What you're forgetting is that most of the players Chang would have seen in the film are not even with the Bombers anymore since that was pre-season and many have been cut. Pre-season film is almost useless..

I agree with the debaters that say that we need to stay with the lineup to get better with ONE exception. We have a QB that is physically not able to play nor has he been for a full year and to play him is a disservice to all of the others. He was the problem last year and still is. Until we get this fixed the rest will continue to fail and the pressure to make changes will continue. For the past season I believe we've been treating the symptoms without actually doing anything to secure a cure



You are so very profound in your rebuttals Sig. If you care to comment please do.