Start in the CFL or be an NFL benchwarmer?

My opinion may be a little different.

If I was the player in question and it was my career we were talking about I would hold on to my NFL aspirations as long as I could.

Once I had determined I could not play in the NFL then and only then would I pursue the CFL. Once I had gone that route I would not look back to the NFL.

I enjoy both the CFL and NFL. I like them each for different reasons. I like Football in general. I go to CIS games, NAFL games, CFL games and NFL games.

As a player though I understand why people would "hold a clipboard" in the NFL and I also understand why a player would give that up to "play" in the CFL.

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Somebody said in a post that nfl practice squad or third stringers are automatically better than cfl players. I don't agree with that, certainly not with quarterbacks, receivers and running backs.

 The leagues are different, with different skills required. Just because you held the clipboard in the NFL., is no guarantee you will dominate the CFL. That is a very common misconception, and its wrong.


The salary structure for 1st ,2nd etc year players, in nfl. would indicate that most players would get cut by their second or third year, Also the minimum wage would be for the unskilled positions, and not many 5th or 6th year lineman would be making the minimum wage, So the NFl is set up to promote high profile college players and primadonas like the Manning,s who would IMHO be no better than Maas or Burris , or Chang etc etc-- its all politics LMAO

Its all about fame or fortune.

I would rather be notice, or perhaps even a star in the CFL, than be a nobody in the NFL.

Besides if you really love the game, you dont care about the $$$, you just want to play and help your team.