Start in the CFL or be an NFL benchwarmer?


  I think that most guys want to play in whatever league.  I know its why Mike McMahon came here, and why others do it too.  We know the pay is not nearly as good, but I would vote for wanting to play.

  What do others think?


If your a top player, you play in the CFL because the money is pretty good. You look at Casey Printers who, when he returns to the CFL will get paid $400k/year. The one difference with CFL players is they look out for number 1 first, and theteam second. In other leagues, they want to win 1st, because the money is big no matter what.

bench warmer make more money and get to save your body

Make money AND be recognized. Nobody south of the borde cares about the CFL and correctly assumes that NFL practice roster players are better than CFL starters

nfl. no brainer. every back up in the nfl believes in themselves and thinks they can be a starter. they are not there hiding in the weeds. they are hoping for a break to prove themselves amongst the best of the best. to decline or turn down that opportunity is saying you dont want to be the best you just wnat to be safe.

I agree with NWO.

Now, what about if you're a third string QB (clip board holder), or a QB on the practice roster.

Furthermore, what if you were a 3rd stringer or practice roster QB for two or three years?

it doesnt matter if your a clipboard holder. as a player and a professional you still believe your better than 3rd string. you relish the day where you will be given that opportunity. you feel like you just need a year or two. serve your time and you can get your shot. then if you are around after two or three years you have a pension and the minimum salary is up to about 350 000 to 450000 now. it is not worth it to play in the Cash Flow Low league and besides you now have experience and are considered a commodity. a practice roster guy is only allowed to stay on the pr for 2 years in his career. it is a developemental tool. and a player would be nuts to give that up. its almost like being redshirted in ncaa and you still get paid VERY well with an opportunity to learn the system and get to know the coaches. oh yeah i forgot to mention if all this doesnt work out you have a direct road to go back to the cfl. sooo the decision is a no brainer.

Just pulled this off of the net.

NFL minimum salries are based on how long one has been in the league.

Minimum salaries have changed as follows:

For 2007

rookie $285,000
1 years $360,000
2 years $435,000
3 years $510,000
4-6 years $595,000
7-9 years $720,000
10+ years $820,000

Printers has completed two years in the NFL, so he would be giving up a minimum of $435,000 to comeback to the CFL.

For sure NFL if you make it. But I think Printers did a smart thing rather than wasting his time trying to make it in the NFL as an undrafted player like Lumsden did, he came straight to the CFL and laid the groundwork here first. Smart move by Casey not to waste time. Now he can come back here and earn excellent money and is still young and will play as the no. 1 qb if he wants, more options.

If you don't get drafted, hit the CFL right away I say.

Plus, he's more apt to be let go by the NFL becuase his minimum salary would rise as he completes more seasons in the NFL.

Why pay a guy that much to be on a practice roster. Practice roster QBs are a dime a dozen.

If Printers does not make it soon, his NFL career is done, so going to the CFL would prolong his career greatly, thereby maximizing his earnings. Smart.

It's all a matter of timing. That's what agents are for.

captain kirk you can only play on a pr for a total of 2 years...and while on it your salary is something like 180 000 .... may be a little lower just guessing from the past. so that wouldnt have an affect on a teams decision to keep a player. to be considered a 2nd year guy or a 3rd year guy you have to play a certain amount of time on the active 53 man roster.

Oh, ok.

So then if no other NFL teams are biting, then the CFL is his only real option.

Look here - this is how it is done. A guy like Printers, has a lot of upside & potential. He has shown enough talent that he could become a good, if not great player.
But that is not how the NFL works. They don't have time, or care, to 'teach' a player how to be a good QB. That is what the CFL is for.
Let Printers win 5 Grey Cups in a row, ala Warren Moon, & you will see the NFL Vultures knocking on his door....
So his best bet now is to play in the CFL, & see what happens.
The Eagle - - - :thup: :thup: :thup:

Printers and his agent may have tried to push the NFL envelope a bit too quick. Probably the CFL player of the year award had something to do with that combined with DD still being named the no. 1 qb. What age was Moon when he started in the NFL, anyone know?

Printers was just fodder with Kansas City. They had him on the practice roster until someone better came along. Good thing the money was good for a while.When he was injured with a hamstring at the end of the pre-season, it looked like he might end up as #3. But as soon as he was injured they made Jeff Tyrell from Princeton, who was on a rookie contract, the #3 QB and cut Printers. And thats after two years on the practice squad.Apparently Terrell played well in place of Printers in the final pre-season game.
Unfortunately undrafted QB's from the CFL don't rate very high..with the Chiefs or any other NFL team. Garcia is one of the very few exceptions. If this is what happened to undrafted American QB's from the CFL, what chance do undrafted Canadians have in the NFL? Very slim to none.

Yup mr62, Jesse would basically have to run for 2000 yards and do it a few years in a row for any chance I think and not get banged up bad to boot.

Will our G.M.admit he was wrong with maas by signing Printers? what of the rest of the hjerarchy in admitting Edmonton sold us a bill of goods?And caretaker I don't care atinkers damn about technology because even a luddite knows winning should be the only thing to care about in sport.,

Our G.M did not acquire Maas.

Maas was here before Desjardins was.

Earl: My comments just dealt with QB's. There are so many running backs south of the border that Jesse would have to get his 2000 yards a year running backwards to get any attention :frowning: .

Ah, ok mr62. Agree what you say. Jesse should have just come to the CFL right away and put up some numbers first. If he was drafted, that's a different story but he wasn't.