Start Glenn

I think that Marcell should start glenn the rest of the year cause I am sick of porter and his slow starts

After this game, and considering every game he has played this year, I NO LONGER THINK PORTER IS THE FUTURE OF THIS TEAM.

in spirit of tonights game...pourquoi?

Because Porter has not yet had a great game this season. He had one last year against Montreal and I expected him to finally come through and have a great game tonight. He did not. Once again he started slow and, in doing so, dragged the whole team down with him. He really has done nothing at all this season. We have won some games but not because of him. Sorry folks. I know everyone wants to proclaim him the future, myself included, but I think it’s time to take a serious look at what he has done this year and make some tough decisions.

8) You know, you just might be on to something there !!!
 Only time will tell !!

Its rare to find a QB that stars in his first year. I am watching Herny Burris right now and recall his ups and downs as a rockie in the CFL. It takes time (playing time) what most fans fail to realize and in fairness can not see from the stands is the learning abilities the leadership quailities or the on going process that makes a coach favour a QB.

There are so many reasons why Porter will be a star in the CFL. He is calm he is smooth he is athletic he is smart. We have run many a future star out of this town, lets stop and think before we do it again.

Face it after tonight who would bet on us winning the Grey Cup? Not me for one, but Id bet if we stick this out with Porter that next year what happen tonight will not happen again, the skys the limit and one day Porter will be one of the best.

The Porter project is the right way!

Don't mean to troll here, just giving my 2 cents. I agree with you justafan, I think this team needs some stability and a great QB takes time to build. If you play the Bomber's game and trash every QB that has a bad game you end up rebuilding year after year. Remember you guys passed on AC.

Like I say, I would like to believe you but it's getting more and more difficult with every game he starts.

We need to develop our own QB and we finally have one that offers all of the abilities required to be a star, the coaches clearly see this and look past fan fraustration to stay the course. Look beyond the final scores and outcomes win or lose, watch Porters stance his feet tell the tail, he is a student of the game.

Right now he is learning how to slow the game around him down, it takes time but as this game becomes slow motion to him the results will be amazing. I am going to give it this year of learning because I believe there will be many years of winning ahead.

I Gave Porter a Chance Said he Should Start this Game
Now He should not start another game for the rest of The season .. Including the Playoffs.
He looked Loss out There.

Mind you The Rest of Team did as well Dispointed in the Effort

As the sun rises in the east... :wink:

And your man crush Glenn played sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo well.

The only reason why Glenn led a TD drive was because of 2 penalties.

Both QBs were terrible and most of it was because of the oline.

Glenn played just as bad as Porter. The whole team played like crap.

I didn't see anything from Glenn tonite that would make him the starter the rest of the way.

I am sick of Glenn coming in and not leading us back in the second half to victory.

You are honestly blaming Porter for this loss? If you are, then you are crazy. Absolutely crazy. Everyone, including Glenn who looked spectacular by the way, needs to look at themselves in the mirror after this game. EVERYONE was terrible.

If Burris didn't start in his first year, why would anyone think it is a good idea for Porter to start this early in his learning process?

Burris probably is an excellent example of how to develop a quarterback, and if you look closely at his history, you will find that he spent a year on the Stampeder practice roster and another two years as a backup before he became a full-time starter in Saskatchewan. Letting defences bewilder Porter and smack him around will not magically make him better.

Yes I am blaming Porter. The hole team sucked but he is the reason we lost.

Just a reminder to the start Glenn crowd, he got yanked for poor play as well. All 3 QBs failed to move the ball. Maybe, just maybe it wasn't the QB. :roll: The entire team played poorly, offence, defense and special teams. If every there was a team loss, or on the flip side a perfect team win, last night was it. I really saw nothing to make me believe the plan will be changed. Again Glenn had an opportunity, again he was ordinary. Last night was just another learning step for everyone. The entire team was unprepared to play and the second half Montreal proved they are the better team by continuing the offensive onslaught and defensive butt kicking

8) What Effort, Tom ??? :oops:

42 points against. Special teams fumbles and a porous defense starting in the first quarter when they were fresh. Yup its all on the QB :roll:

Ok, listen, I know it is too simplistic to blame the game on one person, that being Porter. The entire team did play poorly. Our most consistent receiver Arland Bruce dropped two key passes that he should have, and almost always has, caught. Stala dropped one he should have had, which is also unusual. The O-line was weak and the defence did not play as well as it has all season. Also, you have to give lots of credit to Montreal for playing an excellent game.
However, and this is a big however. The Quarterback sets the stage for the entire game. When he starts slow, as Porter ALWAYS DOES, you demoralize the offence. The receivers' timing gets thrown off. Our defence is on the field the whole first half and eventually wears down. A quarterback often gets undue praise when a team plays well, and they often get undue blame when the team does poorly. Porter's slow starts are killing this team. He doesn't necessarily need to score, he just needs to get a few first downs and move the ball, control the game a little. Although we blame Porter for these slow starts, I also think poor play calling from our coaching staff plays a significant role in it as well.
Last night, early in the game, we needed something like 15 yards for a first down and we threw a little pass to Bruce in the flats. I think he picked up two yards and we were forced to punt. You need to throw at least a 10 yard pass and hope to pick up some yack yards in that situation.

The poor effort goes to the offensive line and horrendous play calling. IMO Porter has little if any effect on the dismal showing. Keep in mind both of the backups had the same problems. IMO we need to find an OC that has a clue. You won't hear me blaming Glenn for a bad game either. Fire the OC and someone tell Marcel that he needs to find someone who's willing to open up the play book. This is a season long problem against better defensive teams. ITs not the players, its the schemes