Start Eakin

Eakin starts next game. It's time to see what he can do.

agreed, leave maas out rest of season n give him to ottawa next year lol, take butler and fire paopao:)

Its funny you brought this up, because in another topic in the CFL section I said something where Eakin should start after the first fumble Mass made which made it 10-1, But of course Ron will wait till it hits the over 40 mark then let him play, stupid Ron.

Maybe Maas shouldn't be starting. Maybe he just one of those guys whose better in a support role. I don't think he's the leader we all thought he'd be.

Just look at the way the two QB's throw the ball. Eakin has a bullet for an arm, he just needs time to work with the Offense and things will happen with him behind the line. Maas's passes are non-spiral, hang way too much, and don't reach the target.

I said it last year and I will say it this year, Jason Maas is way over-rated. As I said last year, we should have traded with Ottawa for Joseph.

I disagree, Williams should start for a couple reasons, #1 Eakin and Maas have had there chances and done nothing therefore he's the only one left to try and saying the seasons done why not?! and #2 he's impressed me when he ahs been in and in training camp where as maas and Eakin basically juz know how 2 throw interceptions

Williams should definitely get a good look. But I think Eakin should start and finish the next couple of games, he really hasn't been given a chance to lead the team. I don't know what to do about Maas. He hasn't shown anything... throwing, running or leading. He's been misleading if anything.

Williams, no doubt about it. The door is WIDE open for someone to step in. Maas is out of chances and no longer gives us the best chance to win.

Remember when eakin started against the Bombers??

Do you guys want to score another point this season? :lol:

Got to give him more than one game. If he doesn't work out go to Williams.

I'd like to see Richie Williams and more QB's come in.

As I recall Eakin didn't do so bad last season. Maybe he should get a few more chances before we all close the book on him.

Last year Eakin did very well in his debut. The follow up wasn't quite as good but there was hope and promise. With the game he did play this year my only thought was "What have the cats and the OC done to ruin him" in such a short time period.

Get it through your thick heads , Williams was in a mop up role late in a blowout game where the other team was in a prevent with no blitzing and no disguising of coverages .

The Argos have a veteran defence that would confuse the hell out of Williams .

Eakin's passes last night looked better than they did in the Winnipeg game.

They had good spirals and power.

I have never seen Williams play, but there is nothing to lose by giving him a shot.

Eakin actually did rather well last night given the disaster he was dropped into....the offensive line was collapsing all around him but he was starting to throw some nice strikes......

....the long bomb to Flick was nice.....and even though it was picked off, it was no worse than a deep punt at that time....(Fleming punted well last night by the way)

I would have liked to see a few series from Williams too.....just to carry on from last week and further evaluate him and of course, give him more experience.Who knows, he may have gotten us that elusive touchdown we've been looking for. will be interesting to see what the QB line-up will be next week at any rate.

"The long bomb to Flick was nice, even though it was picked off."

I just found a new signature line.

Well mikey if you think Eakin did well then your easily satisfied then . He had the same problems Maas had , no protection !!!!

Yeah, I just read my post again and I believe I mentioned the O-Line collapsing around him....but he was moving the ball at least....hard to do when the majority of the team had all but given up at that point.

and again, I'd like to have seen Williams get some more experience was a wasted opportunity from the half-time onwards not to give these two guys some good playing time...

maybe next week they will get some time under centre...

Nobody was impressive last night . i have said in other posts that Maas is simply frustrated and at the end of his rope and if he was moved to another team with another OC you would see a totally different QB . The QB he was till he got mixed up with PaoPao .

PaoPaos offence worked with Ottawa because Joseph likes to run with the ball . Maas is not that type of QB so I dont know why Hamilton cant run the type of offence that would make Maas effective . Is PaoPao that one dimensional ? that he cant gear the offence in another direction ??

Flip flopping the QBs all season doesnt work for the O line or recievers . It gets under my skin that some people want failure . Why would you just be munching at the bit to have the starter struggle ? what kind of fans do we have here ? Doesnt anyone feel for Maas ??? The man is giving his all !!!