Start Dunbrack

He is a vet and the others can learn from him. Plus he's a damn good player. Better than what I have seen on the field so far this year. In every game he has played for the Cats all the o-lines have double-teamed him. If the other coaches have that much respect for his play the Cat coaches should too.

They released Dunbrack didn't they?

No. He's still there, just on the sideline all game. What a waste.

I was pretty sure they realeased him.

I went to Western with Roger and know that he deserves a starting position. He is the type of guy who gives 110% at all times. For those who think we released him, his name is still on the roster so apparently someone's decided to let him rot on the sidelines. GET HIM IN THE GAME!!! He's a proven vet and can bring a spark to the team.

Seems that the fact that so many people think that he was cut just proves the point. He is clearly under used. So much so that people think he is gone. Also, they have him as a back up rush end which is not his spot. Start him at tackle where he belongs and let him go. Beside McKay would be a good spot.

use mckay as a tight end on offense to max protect and give our QB time in the pocket.

Blow-average player on the worst team in the league. He may give 150% all the time, but his 150% simply is not good enough.

Hmmm… Below-average? Why the double teams all the time? Watch the old game films and you’ll see that he is never left one on one. To me, that is the other teams D-coordinator showing that he worries them. His leadership alone would help the D-line.

Maybe because we only rush 3 or 4 on most plays? Seriously, would Dunbrack earn a roster spot on any other team in the CFL?

Don't know how I missed his name on the roster. I clearly remember him being cut on the transactions page so I must have missed the add. I thought Roger played much better than expected last year.