Start Corey Holmes in the slot next week, please!

If not officially so on the depth chart from the first snap, the Cats must get Corey on the field as much as possible with Lumsden -- getting him out in the slot by motion out of the backfield or by lining him up at SB is a must.

He is our best receiver as of right now. Period. To piddle away the talent of a proven playmaker through lack of use is beyond me.

Oski Wee Wee,

The running game was barely useed at all against Argos today.

Two guys like Holmes and Lumsden, meanwhile its pass pass punt.

We have this CFL mvp and he is being grossly underused.

Assuming Chang is the starter, Ralph seems to be his go to guy... noooo, Holmes is the guy Chang needs. You're dead on oski, Holmes is an ideal slot guy. Chang was reading the blitz well. Most importantly, these 2 guys need to get on the same page!

what does it tell you if ralph is our deep threat/ go to guy.

run, pass, kick return, punt return, any way they do it, they got to get the ball in coreys hands 20 - 30 times a game. MVP material being wasted for second yr in row. Dam shame.

Yes, three of the four starting receivers were rookies. And the other starting receiver often appears too inconsistent to be a starter. I mentioned that this was a concern early in the game thread, and I'd say this is a reason the team may be in for a long season.

And having said this, why is it we do not see Holmes as a slotback more often? It does not make much sense to me.

if not even in the slot having lined up like the scatback like the way amerson was used.
what i don't get is taaffe used thomas haskins with success in montreal and id like to see them get holmes involved that way somehow.

Should be a no-brainer. And frankly if we're not going to get the guy involved we may as well trade or even release him. It's as if he isn't even on the team...

I'm worried that Jesse seems to be trying too hard to rip off a big one, he needs to settle down and punish tacklers. The yards will come.