Start Chang to boost attendence?

I understand there are several "timmy chang" threads but this is about an entirely different basis.

Do you think it would be smart from a business stand point to start Timmy Chang for the rest of the season? Considering the majority of the fans want to see him play.

Basically my question is. if Chang started would you attend home games? That might just be exactly what the ticat fans/organization needs.

The team is 1-7, at this point shouldn't you give the fans what they want?

release Maas......bring in Eakin to "tandem" with Chang.......those two mavericks will turn this league on it's ears.....we have the talent here concerning the rest of the team......these two will provide the spark!.....I guarantee it!

If the team was 1-7 with Chang as QB, we'd be seeing plenty of "start Williams" threads. People just want a competitive team that wins its share of games. Personally, I don't care who's names are on the back of the jerseys to do it. But at this point, I think Chang is the better bet to win. Maas has shown he isn't.

I don't think the QB would affect attendance very much unless it was a star player like a Flutie. A winning team would improve attendance though.

An Argo-Cat fan

They cut Morreale and Hitch because it was the right move which also made it a bad business move. I have they make the best decision for the team and for business.

starting chang is not going to make a
difference in the stands or on the field.

The team needs to play together for a
while without changes to solidify.

And you are sure the "majority " want him to start and your authorized to speak for them ?

There is no need to start him to raise attendance ....its the labour day game !!!!!!!

I'm sure it would help draw a few thousand more.

are you serious? is he/she serious? do you have eyes? Have you seen the any topics this forum lately? have you seen Maas play at all? The majority wants Chang. I didnt say everyone I said majority & yes I know I dont speak for them but im not really speaking for them, Im simply stating the obvious.

I need to know soon if Chang is going to start on Labor Day or not. I need to plan my vacation around this. If he starts, i will have to cancel my vacation and watch the game.

Nothing agains't Jason Maas but I want to see Chang start to be honest from strictly a fans point of view, not a "what actually might be best for the team" point of view.

release Maas......bring in Eakin to "tandem" with Chang.......

those two mavericks will turn this league on it’s ears…

we have the talent here concerning the rest of the team…

these two will provide the spark!..I guarantee it!

The only other man I have heard such chest-thumping words from
was Muhammad Ali when he burst on the scene so many years ago.

I guarantee he is writing your lines for you, mikey.

Is there a coincidence that Eakin was released and the volume of Mikey's posts lately???

IMO you're putting way too much faith in what you read here. This is a forum completely dominated by 50 - at most 100 - posters. Even if 100% of the anti-Maas posters here didn't show based on the QB controversy, they would account for three or four rows in an average section at IWS.

It is the other 27, 000 potential seat fillers you should be worried about. Despite my being a lifer, I only know a handful of people like me. I know perhaps 200 other people that might potentially attend any given Ticat game - some will take in 1-3 games a year, some only go when they get freebies from work, some have moved away and don't get "home" that often, some have season tickets some years and drop off other years. What some here would call fairweather fans or not "real" fans I just call fans - all of them contribute to the financial health of this organization in some way.

I'd bet that 150 of my 200 have never heard of Timmy Chang or, more accurately, might only have heard his name on a TV broadcast or seen it in a newspaper articles or two. Very, very few of them would be aware of this massive Chang-inspired uprising that is threatening to overthrow the current management group.

They all know that the Cats are bad again this year. Some would know that the offense has been struggling under Maas. Some will attend the same number of games they would have otherwise, or a few less, (not because they are "Maas Lovers" but because of beer, catching up with friends, a night out with the kids - you know, normal people stuff) but many won't. Nothing to do with Maas, Chang or Toonces the Driving Cat starting at QB - IMO most people are just looking for an enjoyable night at the ballpark and common sense tells them that there are fewer of those when the team is losing as often as it is.

People that don't spend any time in The Maas Wars here aren't going to buy tickets that they wouldn't already have bought because it is announced between now and Monday that Chang is starting. Not among my circle of friends, relatives and colleagues anyway. Maybe your circle of acquaintences is more hardcore.

Fair Judgement. I'll give you that, but in reality come on, like your name says you've been a holder since 72. I for one haven't been a holder for that long mainly because I was only born in 89, yes your dealing with a 17 year old here. Ive gone to every game since 2000. Before 2000 I was what you call a 'fairweather' fan, I really only attend say 3-4 games a year, mainly beause I was under 10 years old.

Ive enjoyed my time at the games from 2000 until right after the 2004 season, when coach Marshall went 9-8-1. Ever since then its been downfall after downfall. I honestly got more excitment out of watching the 1-17 team from 2003, At least going to a game that season was enjoyable. When Ozzy kicked the game winner over the Saskatchewan for the only win that season Ivor Wynn went crazy. Thats probally one of my favourite moments as a ticats fan. Like I said, its been one downfall after another, I thank Mr.Young for stepping in because if he didn't then we wouldn't be having this discution right now because there'd be no team, but enough is enough. Ive watched this organization bring in coach after coach, replace management after management, raise ticket prices to a losing team in the last 3 years alone! & also bring in players after players, especially this season, they can't expect to win if there consently pressing new jerseys everyweek. The Chang thing comes in because you go to games, just listen to the crowd. You wouldn't even have to look at the ticat sideline, you could be blind all you had to do was listen to the uproar of the crowd when Timmy Chang is warming up on the sideline & then when he actually comes into the game. Examples...Earlier this season vs. Toronto & Montreal. So its not only this "three or four rows" of people on this fourm its the thousands in there respective seats live at Ivor wynn that want this change too, its the phone callers who phone in to the 5th Quarter after everysingle game. Its what the fans want. Its obvious & its going to happen. Maas IMO has started his last game this season & hopefully as a ticat. You may see him for mop up duty later on but thats about it.

I don't know how many extra fans will come to the game but I can guarentee you one thing though. If Timmy Chang starts, it will definitely increase TV viewership. Hundreds of Thousands will watch the Tigercats from Hawai'i.

Well put TristanClovis37. I totally agree with your comment about the crowd. In my section when Timmy comes out, there is always a roar. I beleive most people would like to see Timmy play a whole game just to see what he can really do. I hope he plays on Labour day and we run the ball down their throats.

I agree with a lot of your post.

I have a lot of respect for fans your age. While I got my introduction to this team and game at a time when the Cats were still a proud franchise, fans your age have had nothing but unstable management and (mostly) bad football. I give you a lot of credit for sticking with it when it might just be easier to become another "too good for the CFL" kid.

I don't even disagree with the notion that Chang should start. If the coach is ready to change QBs, and he's going to take full responsibilty for the outcome, who am I to argue.

I just loathe the idea that a team would make lineup changes to affect short term ticket sales, which was the suggestion of your thread. IMO football mangement decisions made to sell tickets are the biggest reason this team is rebuilding for the third time in four years.

you know what though, yes the team has been brutal since Ive started watching/attending but I wouldn't stop watching the CFL. For some strange reason I cant watch a full NFL game without having to change the channel. The styles are too different & I tend to be drawn to the Canadian game more.

This organization has made some bad moves, brought in bad people & basically let there ticats become the laughing stock of the CFL, It seems like Ottawa renagades fans have more to cheer about now a days. Im happy to see that Timmy Chang is finally starting on Monday. That should be exciting, he might not make a difference but at least going to the game on Monday will now be more enjoyable.

Evenually the rebuilding has to stop, seriously, how long does this organization think the fans are going to just sit there & take it. I remember at the start of last season, there was so much hype around how good the cats were going to do, they were going to compete for the Eastern Division, they brought in tons of new faces ect.. however as we all know, new faces= new people which also = lack of chemistry. A football team needs chemistry end of story, without it your screwed, you can't have 50 guys running around playing for themselves. If they can just stick with a good core group of guys & build off of them that way then they'd be set. A huge mistake was getting rid of Rob Hitchcock, do you know how effective he could have been playing right next to Zeke, oh my god that would have been insane. Glasper the guy brought in to replace Rob has already lost his spot & they've tried giving it to a DB in Tay Cody. That was a huge mistake, I could see why they said goodbye to Mike Morreale but Rob still could have played. That was the start of the downfall imo.

If they were to stick with that core group & build once! not three time then there'd be no use for topic threads like this because they'd be set long term when it came to ticket sales.