start chang or fire the coach? which do you prefer..?

he has to start now… give mass the second place or second string… he is indecisive… chang starts or else… give your tickets up to the opponent fans as a gift… maybe they can see there team score a hundred over hamilton… come on coach…start him already… what do you have to lose… you’ve got a record of wha 7 wins and 1 lost… you are already a a loser… its like this why fix something that isnt broken… in your case coach you are broken… you will lose your job next year because your record what let me guess 7 losses

snyone that favors chang…i say start a petition and give it to the owner of the ticats…and then go from there…

I don't think Charlie needs prodding from us. The season IS slipping away even with the team still being one game out of third still.

Chang will be starting within the next month if that realization is made and concretely acted upon by the team's brainstrust.

We cannot expect to win with the myriad of challenges facing the offense's lack of execution.

Firing a coach midway through his first season in a rebuilding mode would be asinine. Any changes in coaching personnel should be made at the end of the season at this point, if at all.

Taaffe isn't the problem, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,