Start Chang or Else!!!!!!!!!!

No more excuses we are 0 and 5 and it is going to get ugly.Start Chang or l do not go to any more games this year!

good riddance


i agree

i mean wats the worst that can happen

we already lose in the first place

Agreed and lets trade Corey Holmes and Maas. Both players are done in Hamilton. Maas needs a new home and Corey is being wasted here.

I hope you guys enjoy another losing season with jason Maas as your starting QB!!!!

The last thing you want is to lose fanboys. We've almost lost the team before and its exactly that good riddance attitude that got us there

albo , if you're not a ticat fan , why are you on this board?

go find something to do , soon.

I just left a bar where I was watching the game. A so-called Tiger Cat fan predicted the last interception and cheered when it happened. I called him an A**hole, and paid my tab and left. Was I wrong to do so?

first you should have told the bartender that the a**hole was paying your tab.

but beyond that you're fine.

I am a fan,and l cannot stand another losing season,especially when there is a QB on the sidelines who is way better than your Jason Maas.You got to be kidding to be support a team led by Jason Maas.

What he said.

I am a fan, and I think a fan supports a team whether he agrees with the personnel dployment or not. Would I prefer a better QB? Absolutely!
But, will I cheer for my team with Jason Maas at the helm? Absolutely! I cannot control the coaching decisions, but I am a fan, first and foremost.

You still have to stick by your team. Sure Maas isnt great but once a ticat fan, always a ticat fan. This team has the talent. they just need to know whats it like to consistently win again. when this team gets going watch out.the cats are gonna kick some ass. Their defence rocks already!! Sure we let in a couple tds at the end of the game, but by then the game was out of reach.

Still try Chang next game.

a true fan, see ya, anyone else?

We Cannot win with Jason Maas as our Qb, and we are throwing away another season ,Chang has to start to save our season.

8) ...and what are you going to say if Chang starts and he stinks the joint out too ????? Then what ??

Start Maas or I'm not going to any games.

LOL.. .and then popped said A**hole in the nose!!

Why have we given Jason Mass all of this time to prove himself and we still say, oh that's ok, he's still are starter and we support him. Give me a break. Put in the cocky kid. Let him tear the receivers arms off if he has to!