Start Chang...and bring in Maas as the back-up in Winnipeg

No...this is not an anti-Maas thread.
We have seen far to many of those...
I would start Chang on Friday night...not to take anything away from Jason. He has improved over the last 2 games. I would do it to off-balance the Winnipeg Defence at the start..of the game. Chang would be the one on a short hook. Not Maas. The one thing the Offence is lacking is spark..early in games.
And if Chang starts to get unglued...then I would bring in Jason. I am refering to more of a 2 QB system...than live or die with one or the other..
Taaffe used this system in Montreal...and had great success with it. Why have we not seen it here ?
We all know how Jason was unstopable most times coming off the bench in Edmonton...
And the young guy Chang...has asked to start.
Solution...2 QB system.
Come on Charlie. It's not rocket-science. :thup:

How would that get Winnipeg off balance?

From what I’ve seen so far, their styles seem similar.

I partially agree with this thread.

I think Maas is better off the bench. When he was in Edmonton I think he was most effective when he replaced Ray than when he started.

However, I don't think Chang is ready to start yet. From what I've seen of him he does show flashes of brilliance but he also panics.

When Chang learns to settle down and take what the defence gives him then he will be ready to start. And I think it will be at least past Labour Day until that happens if it even happens this year.

Maas has shown more consistent poise in the pocket than Chang.

The 2 quarterback system is a good idea; just not yet.

Say The Course Maas has played fine.
not great but fine…

One of the things that would definitely do
is 'off-balance' the timing of OUR Offence.

Just about the time OUR Offence
was getting in rythm with one QB

they would have to adjust to a 2nd QB.

I've always thought that myself -bring Maas in off of the bench. He was awesome in Edmonton off the bench. From what I've been hearing on this forum over the past month, many think that Chang can start. We are 0-4, what do we have to lose?

Right now even though Chang isn't playing much he is still learning a lot. Standing on the sidelines and watching the game flow and action. Seeing how DB's react to certain situations in the CFL and many other things Chang is seeing from the sidelines.

There is a reason most rookie QB's don't start. There is much to learn and learning under fire is the worst way. I bet he will start at least a couple games later in the season.

The next 14 games.

I'd also like to see Chang start against Winnipeg for many of the same reasons listed on this thread.
I'm sure Charlie will have good reason if he starts Maas again and we have to respect his decision. What a tough situation for a coach to be in when we have ( sorry but...)the worst QB situation in the CFL.
I'll say it again. Charlie and this team needs another starting QB.

There would not be any room at all under the salary cap for another starting level QB. If a guy is good enough to start then you have to pay him well. No starter is going to sign a $40,000 contract and thats probably all the room left under the cap.


I don't know where we stand on the cap this year but a 400 grand (or whatever it is) salary is way too much for what we are getting. If we can't get rid of that soon it looks like this season will be a long one for Charlie and the fans. We need a new starting QB this season. We can't start next season the same way as this one.
Charlie is doing his best with what he has to work with.
I would love to see Marcel's phone bill over the past couple of months to see if he has been trying to rustle up a new QB. I think it can be done even with the salary cap.

How would that get Winnipeg off balance?
The Winnipeg D-line has praticed all week to play against Jason...they will blitz a lot to stop the run or rush the passer. Starting Chang would open up the defence as they would be looking for the deep Jessie run. That's why I would start Chang in this game.

Well said. You can't just snap your fingers and get a top notch QB. It's ain't that easy and it wouldn't solve the penalty problem or the droppsies.

Question 1) What QB would you have?

Quetion 2) What price are you willing to pay?

What would you be willing to give up for a Kevin Glenn, or a Kerry Joseph or a Buck Pierce?

Would it be Lumsden, Holmes, Moreno? What do we have of value that would convince another team to let go of a bonafide starter?

I say be patient with Maas (new system, new coaches, new players and he's post surgery) Four games is hardly enough time for him to develop under these conditions.

If and when it's determined that he's not the guy, then Chang is the future. He too needs time.

We've got a pool of very good young talent that I would try to maintain. I woulnd't sell the farm because of Maas' first four games that have shown lacklustre receivers and an inexcusable amount of penalties. This is still, very much, a work in progress.

I've taken my chill pill.

How would having Chang change any of that? I'm sorry. I don't follow.

Starting Chang would open up the defence as they would be looking for the deep ball
What deep ball?

Chang is averaging 7.6 yds per completion. As a defense, I wouldn't play them any differently.

I'm trying to zero in on why the receivers are having so many problems again this year.
Do we know how many receivers have dropped balls thrown by Maas v how many of Chang's passes have been dropped? Pro-rated for time playing of course.
It seems to me that this team has a bit more spark with Chang in the game....regardless of his inexperience or whether he is "not ready yet". Maybe the team will also respond better to another QB.

Yeah, I see the spark too, but at this point in time I think it's a little overrated.

As for dropped balls, to blame it on a QB is just wrong. As a pro, you have to catch anything coming your way no matter who throws it or how it's thrown.

Maybe the team will also respond better to another QB
Maybe. But with Maas showing improvement and the offence getting some nice big numbers the last two games, I'd let Maas continue as long as this trend does. Finishing drives and scoring is top priority right now and that better start sooner rather than later.

My number one concern for the offence right now, is not so much the QB, but the receivers. I think that's why the staff has been fairly consistent with the QB decisions and also why we've seen changes in the receiving corps.

It's obvious to me that they're still not happy with the receiver situation. Even during training camp they were coming and going. It's a dynamic that really hasn't stopped.

Once again, patience will allow not only Chang to establish himself, it'll also help establish the likes of Bauman and Getzlaf hopefully.

If someone can tell us who's been getting the majority of the 1st team reps this week we'll know who Taafe will start on the weekend.

An Argo-Cat fan

I still have to say, stick with Maas.

We were pretty close to beating B.C. if not for a few calls going the other way. Ergo, I don’t think now is the time to switch QBs and lose the chemistry that may have developed between the offense.

On the other hand, should we falter again in Winnipeg, then I think it would be fair to look in a new direction for the rematch in Hamilton.

Make this discussion a moot point....
Good things will follow.

It's developing into a Jackson-Lancaster / Clements-Holloway / / Wilkinson - Moon / Holloway-Barnes / Austin-Burgess deal, folks. As long as Maas isn't putting up more than 14 points per game as the starter, this will evolve into a tandem thing. Sooner than later.

At that point, who starts will be moot because Charlie will simply ride the hot hand while having a fairly short hook, IMO.

Oski Wee Wee,