Start Boltus!

Hey, this is a pre-emptive thread. LMAO


Oski Wee Wee,


And hopefully this thread won't get bumped later in the season by someone who isn't sarcastic about starting Boltus. :slight_smile:

You skipped a link in the chain. We need the start Tafralis thread first. Then shortly there after we have the start Boltus thread.

No, that thread would be started by the "burn the witches" crowd that usually piles in here after a loss. :wink: I was giving Boltus..a >slight< prop. LOL :wink:

Ledbetter forever.

Timm Rosenbach - Bring him to Hamilton!!!

Actually i really liked Ledbetter when he was here

Leadweather was by far the best better than Mass. :cry: