Start Bekasiak on the D-line

We aren't getting any pressure anyway, and the season is pretty much done, so what the hell, let's see what the kid can do. He hasn't seen any action this season while bums like Terrence Patrick, NML and Dominic Lewis continue to play and get no pressure. Start him, we've got nothing to lose, he was a high draft pick, he can't be any worse than any of these guys.

And sign Kai Ellis, stop being cheap and try something new, we can't keep sitting on our hands with the same coaching staff and players while this team rots more and more every week. Kai Ellis would help out our pass rush extremely, and Bekasiak wouldn't hurt, if this team is going to do anything we need to spend some money.

they wont sign ellis, they love signing no-name cheap american players that nobody has heard of, or they sign non-imports that lack the talent and are only on the team to satisfy ratio requirement.

you do realize Bekasiak is an offensive lineman now right?

but yea we might as well start the guy at o-line and D-line just see what he can do.

Didn't he make the switch for this season, bulking up for O line work? He might be the wrong game weight to switch back.

for his switch to the offensive line, he's at least 20 pounds heavier. (listed at 315) we did want a stopper in the middle of the defensive line ...

If he still has the burst it should be a no brainer, oh, but i forgot........ sorry Charlie

that was the issue the coaches had with bekasiak: they felt he didn't have the speed required to play the defensive schemes they wanted, so they switched him to offence.