Start and finish season earlier

I want to propose moving the season forward by a month+ so we don't have the playoffs and the Grey Cup in winter weather, at least here on the prairies where half the teams reside. I know this goes against the Canadian diehards who want to party in their parkas, but come on, football is meant to be played on turf not on ice and snow. And why would we relegate the championship game(s) to harsh conditions, when it would be simple to start the season in spring and end in fall. Wouldn't it be cool to open the regular season on the May long weekend, and have the Grey Cup game on the Thanksgiving weekend? Both of those are uniquely Canadian holiday weekends, and would allow the game to be played for the most part in summer-like conditions. How about it CFL fans?

Starting a month early won't work. The NHL and NBA finals are being played. The current start of the season is perfect from a exposure stand point. NHL,NBA, and NFL are not playing and MLB is in the middle of their 3000 game schedule.All eyes are focused on the CFL in July. Football has been played in cold weather for over 100 years in both the CFL and NFL.

Come on! It's football it's a man's game! It sorta really defines who the champs are! If you can win against the next best team in below freezing temps with and snow and ice then you are truly the best team in the league! You can win no matter what, right? IMO having the grey Cup in the winter is perfect, its another test to determine whi is truly a great and deserving team. Unlike the NFL who always hosts in the like MIami like 1000 times or Arizona, or somewhere else hot cause they cant handle the cold. However i do like your theory of starting on May long and ending on thanksgiving, but like Kasps' said you got NBA and NHL right now, and i know myself im really focused on my Lakers bringing home another championship!

Not a month earlier but maybe 2-3 weeks. By then NHL playoffs are over, but truthfully the weather outside wasn't that bad the last 2 Grey Cups.

That's because they were in domes :lol:

I can remember the last Grey Cup played in Edmonton where everyone was slipping and sliding and I'm not looking foreward to the weather conditions for this year's Cup. I'm sure the players dispise the playing conditions and it ruins the spectacle for the fans.
The NFL has the good sense to play the Super Bowl in the south or under a dome if played in the north.
Yes, by all means move the season up 2 or 3 weeks.

I meant the weather outside.

Admittedly I would like to see the season start a few weeks earlier but that is only
because I can't wait for the season to begin. I actually like how the CFL is marketing
the season opener around Canada Day.

I've had an itch for about 2 months now. The CFL offseason is really long. I love the NHL and the Playoffs but wow, the season couldn't come soon enough.

Before you know it the NHL is back at it after a short offseason, that's not the case with the CFL.

But it makes it all the more sweeter.

sounds like someone's a wuss when it comes to cold weather.

many players have repeatedly said how the weather makes for an exciting game and the fans love it!

sorry but you are in a small SMALL minority who don't like it!

the vast majority of CFL fans and some players love the way it is and will NEVER want it to change!

That was the grass,which did ruin the game. The new field turf holds up great in cold and wet weather
In 2006 there were no problems with the field turf during the Grey Cup game.

RE: playing in cold weather.
I don't really care if it shows who is toughest and can handle the cold, or that we've been doing it this way for a hundred years, football is not a winter sport! It's played on grass/turf, in short sleeves, running shoes/cleats, and bare hands. It's designed for fair weather. I can handle the vagaries of playing outdoors and dealing with rain, wind, heat, humidity and even cool weather. But we're missing out on two spring/summer months, May and June, which are perfectly suited for playing football. Yeah we might run into an occasional late snow fall, but it won't be minus 20 with a frozen turf. The CFL season should be mirroring the way we live our lives; by April-May I'm outside tossing the ball around and working on my yard. I'm ready to be outdoors after a long winter indoors. The CFL is missing out by waiting till July; get us out to the ball game in late spring when we're ready to be outside, and then keep us thru the summer and into the early fall. I repeat: start the season the May long weekend; hold the Grey Cup on the Thanksgiving weekend. It would be a great new Canadian tradition.

RE: starting the season when other pro sports are also on.
I don't think the schedule of other sports should dictate when the CFL starts its season. In the fall when the CFL is heading into the final part of its season, we're seeing the NHL start their regular season (early October). I think CFL fans will show up and tune in regardless of what else is happening in the sporting world.

Keep the Grey Cup game in a domed stadium.

That's the most absurd thing ever.

Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver....yeah how exciting.

For a league that considers it's hotbed to be Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg it seems pretty stupid to have a three city rotation. Also, footbal is meant to be played in the elements. Like the commercial says this is a league of mud, of ice, of wind, of snow, of fog, etc.

you are not a Real fan sir.. now go away!

Hmmm move the season up a month… no effing way! A Grey Cup in Edmonton or Regina seperates the men from the boys… and usually those boys from the East wind up going home with their tail tucked firmly between their legs… :lol: :lol: :lol:

Move the season back two months! :wink: :wink:

Then I Could host Grey Cup. We get a couple of days of minus 40 in January. The lake freezes over in December so we could freeze the Goal Posts in. The mountain side has a nice slope so we wouldn't need bleecher seats. I could put 100,000 people on the mountain side and sell CFL Logo Binnoculars. 8) 8) 8)

Where's Turkeybend????? I need him to help promote Grey Cup in the Cariboo in January! :wink: