Stars Of The Show: 2023 CFL All-Stars, fan favourite unveiled

TORONTO — Twenty-seven players have been named to the 60th annual Canadian Football League All-Star team. The season’s best were selected by 41 members of the Football Reporters of Canada, the league’s nine head coaches and fans who took part in this year’s All-Star Fan Vote powered by the league’s Official Data and Technology partner, Genius Sports.

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Not much to disagree upon here.

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Hopefully the Argos success with the All-Star team translates into on the field success in the playoffs

Whaaaaat!? No Riders or Elks??? I wonder why??? :roll_eyes::grimacing: (insert sarcastic snort here)

Where is the All Star long snapper?

Larry Dean had an all star season, Adam Korsak is the best punter in the league hands down but since they play in Saskatchewan neither is on this so call all league team.

Ahem… Kelly? Couldn’t spell “Collaros” or what?

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It would be interesting if these choices were being made tomorrow, but I understand these are based on the regular season only.

Dude was overrated and overpriced in the regular season already. The lack of a balanced schedule barely ever had the Argos playing top teams. The Argos only played the Bombers once. Their great record is a fraud, kinda like their QB and his overhyped contract. Pinball Clemons was shown during the East Final looking VERY uncomfortable in the team box. He should be. He just signed Kelly, a known loose cannon and coach-killer to a multi-year deal. Kelly lacks the vision and game knowledge to play big games in the CFL where there can be a lot of motion and players needing to fight for the ball in the wide field. That why he is so good a throwing picks in low-percentage situations!

I will also be the one to speak the truth on Kelly making a living off his uncle’s name while lacking the same skills and leadership abilities. Jim Kelly was was an exemplary advocate for charities in support of his son. Too bad his nephew continues to struggle to get his head on straight.

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Believe me, I’m with you on the subject of nephew Kelly. After last year’s GC game, all he could talk about was NFL. After this game I wonder if anyone with the soon-to-be MWFL (Merged Wannabe Football League) will take his call.