Stars Aligned: 2021 CFL All-Stars announced

TORONTO — The 58th annual Canadian Football League (CFL) All-Stars have been named in recognition of the 2021 season’s best performers.

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The selections appear to be fair and reflective of how teams played during the regular season. There is always room to quibble upon most selections and the fact that there are no Riders, but nothing horribly off base in the selections, in my opinion.


No Riders on the all star team, another insult, one more thing to thank tsn's biased announcers for.

Really though who should have been an ALLSTAR for the Riders ? Maybe Teitz


Even as a Rider fan, I can honestly say the Riders grossly over-achieved this season. They really didn't deserve to win as many games as they did. It stings that none of them cracked the All-Star roster but frankly, I don't know if any of them deserved it more than the ones who did make it.

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Mike Rose has become the top interior D- Lineman in the league, yet some GM will still over pay ore more Micah Johnson

You would have had QB if you didn't trade him away

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That's one hell of a team!

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Oh man everyone's against the Riders?

Sounds like a Raiders fan

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Whaaatttt no Bo Levi on this team ? This is a farce , oh ya Bo is on the downside of his career and will soon be a back up in the CFL somewhere

Well if Bo is washed up than you would have to say Fajardo is too...... he wasnt exactly Joe Montana done the stretch and into the playoffs... 4 ints vs Stamps

Given the success the Bombers had this season, especially their stellar defense and special teams, I think Winnipeg's entire defensive squad along with Mike Miller should have been named. The same goes for players like Rasheed Bailey and Darvin Adams, both of whom made so many key plays in clutch situations all season long. Exceptional talent and execution over the past season should be the exclusive qualifiers for being named an All-Star, and not what you did in previous seasons or that you are on a team that had no other honours. In other words, neither Fajardo nor Mitchell deserved to be mentioned, and so they weren't.

Bo and Fajardo still have some upside left. It's Reilly who's falling apart right now. Nichols is probably done. At age 36, Harris might be too old for any team to risk a starter's contract. Maier might be THE GUY to build a team around.

Hufnagel's quarterback factory probably already has their eyes set on Maier's replacement. He'll be the 'hidden gem' QB that everyone else will overlook. :grin:

I’m not a riders fan so you tell me and who won that game I forgot ?

I agree Maaax

doesnt matter to this coversation

Is that all you got ? Lol wow MrsStallion

if Lemon was not kicked out (after being spit on during covid) and Peredes had a better day kicking, the Stamos win this,,,, either way Fajardo threw 4 pics!!!! 4pic Fajardo
That cant leave you teriblt confident about the future of the position is Regina

If Bo was a real QB you would not have been in that situation , if Cody would not have thrown those picks riders would have beat the stamps oh ya they still won lol
Ifs and buts were candy and nuts we would all have a Merry Christmas

riders may have won the WSF, but they sure didn't the next week, Cody will hit 30 without reaching the Grey Cup let alone winning it, whats the solution, Harker?