Star Says NFL On Death's Door in Toronto...

The Toronto Star has an article that says the NFL is all but dead in Toronto. Since the Canadian media is ALWAYS wrong when it comes to that issue, should we be worried?

I think not...

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The article says that :

  1. 3 teams have applied to move to L.A. 2 will likely move. When the league expands, it will fill the two cities that lost a team to L.A.
  2. The $0.70 dollar is turning a $2B improbability into a $3B impossibility.
  3. Toronto's support of the Bills left the League with a bad taste in its mouth. It wants to be wanted and the Big Dog. That's not the case in Toronto.
  4. Toronto's chance came and went when the Bills were purchased by Pegula. Toronto is Bills' territory.

The article is nothing new but it's nice to see it in a national newspaper. I THOUGHT I saw a similar article in the National Post, days ago, but I can't find it.

Rogers and Lind made themselves look mighty foolish with statements such as this;

“I think it’s a dream come true for the city, for the province? he (Rogers) told the room. “I think it’s a dream come true for southern Ontario. It’s a great opportunity.?

Boosters had no doubt the series would succeed in Toronto. Phil Lind, vice-chairman of Rogers Communications Inc., suggested the next step would be for the Bills play a split schedule — with half their home games in Buffalo, the other half at Rogers Centre.
Organizers prepared a lottery system for the expected waves of ticket demands.

“In Southern Ontario, this is NFL territory,? Lind said in May 2008. “The CFL’s great, wonderful, terrific, but this territory is NFL territory, at least if you’re 50 and under. If you’re older, fine, you can go for the Argos or Hamilton or whatever.?

They want a team in London, and Toronto will have one before that.

Glad to read the Star has finally seen the light! The NFL will never come to Canada (not at least for another 100 years.) Rogers had the chance of a lifetime to buy the Bills in an open bidding process...but their initial bid was so low it was rejected outright, and that was with the Canadian dollar at 95 cents. Now it's at 70 cents, adding another billion to a NFL team's purchase price. Add in that Toronto has no stadium, no American TV stations who's ratings count towards the U.S. TV contract...and not enough fans whose loyalty is divided between an existing local football team. Get over it foolish Phil, Toronto is CFL territory! :thup:

I think London England alone is not going to happen but maybe a Europe division . Getting Europe TV money only with limited cross over games ( which would get US TV money would work ). The division winner gets a spot in the playoffs . If the NFL comes to Canada ( I hope not) they would add a Canadian Division with limited cross over games with a playoff spot to winner of division . Basically creating Co- leagues . The ownly way to expand internationally for the NFL is to create separate schedules . Make the SuperBowl playoffs an international play offs .Europeans hate the US world champion title that has only domestic teams compete for that title . Whoever wins the Grey Cup are world champions of Canadian Football . We never think of saying such an odd thing but the US no problem .

I just don't see the US NFL teams sharing their TV pie with Europe , Mexico or Canada . Separate TV deals shared by a division of the NFL (NFL Europe NFL Mexico or NFL Canada ) would work but only if they get to compete for the top prize the SuperBowl .

Creating a feeder league like the prior NFL Europe doesn't work .

And people criticize the CFL for being for old geezers. The NFL in Toronto has definately passed, pardon the expression.

Ok Vermont :lol:

And I can't see the NFLPA is interested in a European based team.

I agree with you with the NFLPA . The co- leagues would have to have their own unions . You would have something like soccer in Europe with club teams competing for the Europe championship . I can’t see it happening anytime soon . The money isn’t big enough yet but maybe an Asian Division , Europe Division etc … someday when there is enough money thrown around . I am sure the NHL would have something like that some day with a Russian Division Sweden -Finland Division , Chezch Division with separate union , TV deals and schedules competing for a world club championship every year .

the NFLPA could be interested, if as Hank suggests, a separate European based NFL league (non-feeder) were created that vies for an International Super Bowl against a North American League.

More NFL jobs = More NFLPA money, growth, power and influence.
More INT based NFL teams = More NFL money, growth, power and influence.

I'd love to see the CFL look into expanding the game Internationally as there is little to no growth potential as a Canadian-only entity resulting in meager franchise valuations and venture capital interests.

and due to constrained logistics, International leagues/teams would just play each other for the Grey Cup (not during the regular season) which should dramatically increase revenues from broadcast rights/licenses, merchandise, sponsorships, and exposure/ratings as entire countries will tune in to watch an International contest.

I could never figure out Lind, a very, very intelligent and successful businessman with a lot of money but didn't figure this one out. But hey, everyone makes mistakes so I'll give him that. He was just so sure the Bills-in-Toronto thingy would be a total success I suppose, didn't do his homework properly or hire the correct people under him to make that venture a success.

Agreed and it's good to see the local media finally acknowledging that the NFL to Toronto is further away than ever.

Actually, Rogers bid for the Bills didn't fail beacuse it was low, the bid was never eligible as per Wilson's estate, only bids to keep the Bills in Buffalo can be considered.

So try tried to pull the wool over the exectors, the fans in Western New York and the NFL itself. With that and the failed Bills in Toronto series, the bridge is burnt.

I doubt it. The games in London sell out. The games in Toronto did not & they lowered the prices every single year. (Plus they gave away thousands of free tickets every single year)

But many will argue that it was the "Bills" and many Toronto NFL fans wouldn't pay to watch the Bills, especially the pre-season games and not one of the games in Toronto had any importance.

Many CFL fans argued that the NFL in Toronto would draw interest away from the Argos, but the interest in the Argos faded without the NFL. You couldn't blame crowds of 14k on the NFL in Toronto.

An NFL Toronto team wouldn't be competing with The Argos.

Instead, The Argos would simply become the NFL team in Toronto.

You are wrong with both your posts, V.

As I have said before, since I was a kid in the 70’s, I’ve heard the NFL was coming. They never have. They never will. At least, not in my lifetime.

2 teams will move to LA. That will leave 2 spots for future expansion. Then there is San Antonio Texas, London England, Mexico City, etc. All contribute more to the bottom line of the NFL than Toronto.

There is little financial upside to the NFL in Toronto. What little upside there is pales in comparison to the other cities I mentioned.

People need to learn from history...

As the article mentioned, when the Bill fiasco happened, the Bills in Toronto was a done deal. How has that turned out?

Then people said, the NFL will expand with one team in Toronto, one in LA. Now it looks like LA is getting 2 teams and that leaves 2 spurned cities to fill.

Toronto is not getting a team.

Toronto just isn't a football town really other than like any town, people dress up in a NFL sweater and go to watch games in bars. Well that happens in every city in North America whether it's a 10,000 populated city or a 5 million populated city. Big deal. You want a team when a company does something like the Bills in Toronto thingy, you buy tickets and just "do it". They didn't in Toronto. Of course few people in Toronto really care about the Argos surviving as well. And back to my point, it's not a true football city.

All true.

I still believe the NFL would come if there was a significant upside. There just isn't.

Filling the vacancies left by St Louis and San Diego, once their teams move to LA, will be the NFL's number 1 priority. Then, future expansion will try to capitalize on Europe or Central/South America.

If safety wasn't an issue, can you imagine the upside of an NFL team in Mexico City? They would become the rooting interest of 500 million people who live south of the U.S.

Compare that to Toronto. TSN paid $43M for 250 hours of CFL programming. How much would they pay for 40 hours of additional NFL programming? $10M? Maybe $20M? Maybe. That's peanuts compared to the TV money from a team in St Louis, San Diego, San Antonio Texas, London England, Mexico City, etc.

Again, not in my lifetime.