Star power

If you could hire any living person in the world to co-own the Argos in an effort to excite the great yawning masses and add some star power cred to the franchise, who would it be?

Lady Gaga :lol: Hey would get the CFL LOTS of attention.

Wayne Gretzky....oh wait!

I have thought about this a lot. great topic man! One thing the CFL has is a real Blue collar down to earth grass roots thing going on. Wich i respect. BUT with that... we lack the sexy. We dont get the sexy players, or owners. so heres some of my thoughts on owners...

  1. Jim Balsilli(pardon spelling). He has a good Canadian reputation, the blackberry thing as well as his dealings with the NHL gives him some traction
  2. Brett Wilson- He claimed he wants to put a team in Saskatoon a couple years ago. ... -ownership
    He is also an ower of Professional sports in Other sports.
  3. Other Dragons? naaaaaa
  4. Pinball!-No one has more sexy in Argos history then this guy. if he had some invester backing, and became the face, this could sell tickets. much like the idea of putting wayne as the owner of phenoix a couple years back.
    5.TSN/CTV/Bell tv- TSN did own the argos a few years ago IIRC.. around 1994?
    Now that TSN is larger and owned by a larger company... they could make this team something. they already do the argos tv show airing this year, as well as the radio station having the broadcast rights. they could do what rogers does with the jays. a long term project to make the argos relivant.

thats just some of my thoughts. i hope this thread keeps going, as i would like to think of some more ideas.

Don Cherry.

then he could hire doug gilmore as his GM

Those are good ideas, but think bigger. What about an NFL guy, or maybe even a Canadian NFL guy. Or maybe a movie star type?

Warren moon?

Movie stars... maybe ugine levi(spelling) or jim carry... keanue reeves maybe? those are the only ones i can think that would have remote intrest.

doug flutie.

Toronto is a hockey town, but hey on a per game basis, the Argos are out-drawing the Jays who actually have a winning record.

I say Don Cherry.

i was going to say a politician. but braley is a senate.

If Gilmour's coaching abilities are a reflection of how he'd be as a GM, then pass.

This is true, and amusing, but comparing a team that's playing 9 home games per season to a team that's playing 81 home games per season isn't really apples to apples.

I don't believe that Argo fans are that much of a push-over that some 'star owner' would miraculously turn them into a big draw.

Credibility is more important, gotta have people in charge (Popp/Trestman like combo) and show the fans you're serious about being a contender year in year out.

The Argos should be the Yankees of the CFL. They should have the best management, coaches, QB's, receivers etc. TO considers itself the 'elite' of Canadian cities and the Argos need to reflect that mentality.

why don't you just rename the team the Toronto Americans?

that would itself get about 10,000 more fans.

first thing is you have to convince these snobby Torontonians that cheering for the CFL isn't going to make you any less of a person than if you didn't.

nobody is going to turn their nose up to you if you say "I cheer for the Argos!"

and if they can finally realize that "It's Ok to like something Canadian!" then maybe.

The Yankees have no salary cap.

I'm not so sure that adding a big name to its marketing efforts wouldn't help the Argos. It just has to be the right big name. I'm thinking Mark Rypien, or maybe Chris Berman. What about Steve Nash? Or maybe a movie/music type such as Ryan Gosling or Shania Twain?

If not star power or unbridled Yankee-style spending, then what would do it? I'm not sure consistent winning is enough to fill the house on Front Street.

I don't think that what the argos lack in terms of ownership is "star power" per se, but IMO for the argos (or any team in that market) to be successful they must be owned by a corporate owner. Toronto sports are highly corporate and very rarely in the history of Toronto sports has a team been owned by a single principle owner, which is almost the norm elsewhere.

As canadianhothead pointed out, I don't think it's inconceivable that TSN would be interested in owning the argos. In fact rumor was that they might have been involved when the team was being sold by Cynamon and Sokolowski. TSN has definitely being pumping the CFL tires, but more specifically the argos' tires recently. I would not be at all shocked if once braley decides to sell that TSN is somehow involved.

I think you're under-estimating Argo fans. With the vast entertainment choices in that city, Torontians are no dumbies when it comes to spending their hard earned dollars. If it was that simple, why are the Rogers NFL games not more successful????

sometimes the problem with star power is its flash in the pan. stars get bored easy.

How much did the ownership group with Wayne Gretzky et al. help bring in fans to the Argos?

Star power might draw attention to the team, but unless they can have winning seasons on a regular basis, I don't see it drawing many fans. I don't go out to sports games to watch owners on the sidelines.

I don't think it's fair to Toronto to say that they're wannabe Americans. In my opinion, the mentality is more that they want to be seen, or see themselves, as better than Americans. Perhaps they'll settle for as good as Americans. The best way they can do that is to beat them at their own games. Having the best team in Canada doesn't do that. Having a sports team that's better, as proven by winning the American championship (or, in the case of hockey, winning the Canadian championship back), does do that.

Chuck norris and Justin beebee