Stanley Cup Final - Pens vs Sharks

Should be a good one, Crosby and Company are looking pretty darn good.

well, while they are not one of my favorites, I did predict going into the playoffs that the penguins would win the cup. Not a real hard prediction to make but....

Its a bummer the blues lost but you could see through the whole series that the sharks had their number.

At least we still have the possibility of a brand new winner.

what the Sharks finally make it to a final?!?!?! wow i must have missed pigs flying or hell freezin over.

any go Pittsburgh Crosbys go

Joel Ward and the Sharks :rockin:

Pittsburgh in 5 games over the Sharks.

lol down 2-0

atleast shark fans can say they got further than they ever had before... that and atleast their not the leafs lol

Ok, the Leafs aren't in it, so who cares about the Stanley Cup. I get the message. :roll:

That goalie for the Pens is gold.

One more win for the Pens and Lord Stanley’s mug is theirs. Watched a bit tonight, Pens are the entire package.

You callin me a leafs fan Earl?! Those fightin words! :cowboy:

No ryan, that would be a big insult that could get me banned from this site for a very long time. :wink:

Pens couldn't do it tonight, solid performance by the Sharks and that goaltender of theirs.

Congrats to the Pens. Man Sidney Crosby sure came back from his concussion problems of a year or few years back forget exactly how long ago, one heck of a competitor.

My post from April 13th in the other NHL thread

Way to go Pens! :slight_smile: