Stanley Bryant: 'Winnipeg will be my home forever'

Deep down, Stanley Bryant didn’t want to be anywhere else and couldn’t picture himself anywhere else other than in Winnipeg and with the Blue Bombers.

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You want the confetti to hit you, you don’t want to be watching the confetti…

It looks like you can put Stanley alongside Jefferson and Bighill as being Bombers until they retire. As a Bomber fan, it is good to read that Stanley’s family loves Winnipeg. That has to be one of the best predictors as to whether a free agent will sign with their current team. Stanley also has to be one of the best free agent signings in CFL history.


Missed Bryant when he left Calgary. He certainly has the talent. Too Bad he left but at the same time I'm glad for him (& his family) that they have found a likeable home. Congrats to the Bomber Organization.