Stanford Samuels

I would just like to hear the fans opinion on Stanford Samuels???

An experienced, competent and proven player. He’s on the roster, but it’s hard to get playing time when the current starters are kicking ass like the Als’ defence is currently doing.


He's a quality player. . .but the new guys at HB, Parker and Brown, are playing so well we even sent Randee Drew packing. . . short of injury, I don't see Samuels getting into the lineup anytime soon. . .

It speaks to the quality of talent on our roster when a good player like Samuels can't even crack the team as a backup. They seem very high on De'Audra Dix because of his versatility -- he can play any secondary position, apparently -- and this may explain why Samuels has been in the PR gulag.

I'm not an expert but I don't think that Samuels absence from the line up is due to the other guys being better. I have seen him for many years and he has always been a playmaker/big hitter. Something that the Alouettes have lacked in the backend. They have been very solid but the line play has been the exception this season............
It may be that the coaches feel that the chemistry is good enough and a forced change in personnel would effect how well the entire unit is playing........ He missed a lot of valuable time early on. Besides the current starters deserve a chance to finish what they have started. Especially when the D is playing well ( However after last game, it looks like they are untested. Possibly questionable if the d-line does not play well).
.......and after checking Samuels is not on the PR. He is on the reserved list.

Considering how well the entire defense has played this season, I'm going to classify last game as an aberration and move on. Even the best defenses will fall asleep at the switch now and then.

.......and after checking Samuels is not on the PR. He is on the reserved list.
My bad.

Let's hope that Sanchez is ready to return soon, because I frankly wasn't terribly impressed by Dix at corner.

Well, surprise surprise, I agree with dp here. . .

Dix was less than impressive. . . I recall being fairly impressed with Woldu in the past, might not have been a bad idea to give him a shot.

And. . . if Billy Parker can't bounce back from easily his worst game of the season, then Samuels may get into a game in his place.

Parker was out in a no win position, he did not get top help from the safety and was left on a island with no D line pressure, on a l shape route from the cats receiver. It give the coaches some fodder to keep the guys alert and shows potential strategy they may encounter.

I too was wondering where the hell the safety was on all those deep passes. Either Proulx was messing the bed or Burke's scheme had him elsewhere on the field, which doesn't make sense when you consider that Hamilton had so much success stretching us with the deep ball.

I wonder if it wouldn't be better to platoon Proulx with Boulay during games more frequently, since Boulay has better closing speed than Proulx and should, in theory, be able to provide safety help over top on more deep passes.

It’s a 50-50 proposition, Proulx has a better intelligence on the ball IMO, but no closing speed, Boulay recovers from a few mistakes by the use of his speed. I like Proulx a lot, not languagae based like so many over here do, but truly i like the intelligence of his play. Was it Proulx on all the plays or was it boulay they alternate, and i think the problem was communication at the line for handing off the WR, everyone points to Parker but it was also the side Dix played, they may have exploited communications issue.

Proux played very well so far. If he wasn't so brittle the Als might have traded Boulay.

Speaking of Samuels, I see he's back on the 1-game injured list, along with Diamond Ferri, and Jon Banks has been taken off the practice roster and put on the regular roster.

  1. Who is Jon Banks? Is Ferri really hurt or is it just a numbers game?
  2. I may have miscounted, but I see only 2 d-backs, Brown and Parker, listed. Isn't that a little risky? Or is it the conventional wisdom that a cornerback could fill in if one of them goes down?
    In essence, what's the inside scoop, here?

Woldu is dressed, and Dix, according to Burke, can play any secondary position. So in the event of a halfback injury, Dix slides inside, while Woldu moves to corner.

Stanford playing this weekend. Good luck SS !