Stanford Samuels signs..

I guess that's why Carter was released. Good signing for the Al's

I like this signing. He's good, strong, can play either HB or on the corner, and he hits like a locomotive. Hope his surgery went well and he passes the physical, 'cause then we've got a good one.

I'm still not quite sure why they released Carter, but this signing makes me feel better about it.

We've got good personnel back there, the big question is whether Burke can put them in a position to excel.

....a bigger question will Samuels play at his former level........look a little deeper... there's a reason he ain't in BluenGold anymore... :wink: His leg is still not rehabilitated....BUT then he could burn up the league at his position next year....ya never know... :wink:

Papa Stanford's knee was examined by the Als specialist and it is healed up fine, strenght should be back to 100 percent by training camp and the contract is conditional to him passing his camp physical so this is zero risk for the Als with the exception of a roster spot.

So the Bombers could have had Stanford's knee checked out just as the Als did. All this was is not wanting to pay him his bonus considering how well he played (all the games btw) for the Bombers this cheap attitude by Kelly is IMO very disrespectful especialy to players who played as hard as SS did.

Basicaly players around the league know that the contracts specificaly Bonus clauses mean squat when they sign with the Bombers and this will make signing players who are in demand very difficult for the next few years.

Only pointing that out because I don't think its fair for Bomber management to justify these releases trying to take the high road. This was a business decision (IE: Money....) my reply to this b.s. about the Bombers on the Bombers forum regarding Samuels and the way our organization is run....
HfxTC....please get infromed about bonuses due and releases by other clubs before you comment... as for your statement CRAPOLLA ..comes to mind.. :lol:

I’ve been following football all my life, you could say that I am somewhat of an expert on the subject. I think this is a very good move for the Alouettes, they won’t find a better, more committed FOOTBALL PLAYER than SDUB. Just wait till you guys get a chance to see this guy live, he really knows how to play the game how it is supposed to be played. Everyone is talking about speed, speed, speed, but what ever happened to football. Yeah we need speedy guys but not at the expense of the game, and how it is supposed to be played. I don’t know about anyone else but I love this game. Football is not just a contact sport, its a collision sport not track and field. S-DUB, plays this game like he’s on a mission, I’ve seen this guy damn near end a few guys career, and that’s FOOTBALL. S-DUB is a HITTER, he knows how to use all that equipment, to sum it all up in one word this guy is a BEAST. If there is any question about S-DUB just ask the receivers around the league, then ask them to make their comment in the press before they have to see this beast standing in front of them!!! :cowboy:

his knee isnt healed yet, but its apparently ahead of schedual and coming along quite nicely

I hope he does well. He's coming in to a very good locker room and great support structure. All he has to do is focus on his game and make plays!

If this team is half the team they say they are they have just become that much better with this move. I wasn’t an Alouette fan, but I am now. I follow the good players and good games around the leagues, (NFL and CFL), I love good hard hitting football not that panzy ass football that these leagues are trying to force on us. Believe me when I say this S-DUB is the real one, mark my words if everone else does thier job on the field,( and I say that because we all know that this is a team sport.), GET READY FOR A GRAY CUP!!! I’m a very good judge of talent 9 out of 10 times I’m right, especially if I have followed a player’s careere as I have this guy’s. S-DUB is fundamentally sound, very active in the secondary, aggressive and smart but most of all this dude got heart. If you know anything about football you know its 70% heart, if you don’t have the heart of a lion this sport isn’t for you. In this sport you have to want to hit and be hit!!! So I say that to say this, IF I TELL YOU A DUCK CAN PULL A TRUCK, HOOK HIM UP!!! ONE YO SELF… :cowboy:

Okay I'll bite...............the meaning of "S-DUB", please?

COME ON MadeJack,,,,,We're talking about Stanford Samuels(SS), two s's is a double[S-DUB]. You haven't followed S-DUB's careere so you can't be held responsible, but after this season you will be well aquainted with S-DUB, and very entertained by his talents on the field. So stay tuned, later in the season you can hit me back and tell me how on point my observation of this guy is. Can't wait to see that!!!!!!!!!!!! :cowboy:

Well actually I have followed his career, from Winnipeg to Edmonton back to Winnipeg and this year with the Als.........he's a fine addition to the team.

Great signing for the Als.

I wonder what happens if all 3 ex Bombers have a great season and the Bombers end at the bottom of the division... :roll:

They also appear to have lost Jason Armstead who was arrested waving a gun at his wife and forcing police officers to chase him... Every day something going ugly in Winnipeg these days...

Now lets see, Cam Hall is better than which bomber linebacker now, oh yeah none.
Now lets see, Hayward played beside Doug Brown, the best in the leauge, no loss, didn’t noticed him much.
Now lets see, Samuels half the time he is hurt, now he’s been cut twice, lots of DB’s just as good

Hamilton has done what to improve their 3 win season, sign one lineman. oh yeah, thats it


You realise these guys are depth guys for the Als... you need more then 3 Linebackers and two defensive tackles to make it through a season.

we have very good depth in our front seven.... its amoung the leagues best

the secondary was lacking, but they seemed to have been focusing on it and it seems like they have been doing well with it... TC will tell though

Well MadJack, I applaud you for being a CFL fan but S-DUB's career didn't start in the CFL.
For the record SS was an have always been apart of dynasties, going all the way back to peewee football, high school (Carol City Sr. High 2 state titles), college (Florida State University National Championship, 3 National Championship appearances), then a brief stint in the NFL. NOW, the CFL.... For the record..... :cowboy: We do agree, this is a great pick up for the Al's