Stanford Samuels anyone?

I'd like to see #10 in Green and White, if a fair price(say 65k with incentives for ints. and knockdowns) could be agreed upon, replacing a shaky Lance Frazier. I am not saying cut Frazier but this guy may be a step up based on past performance. Anyone else with me?


Have a look for yourself.


Lance Frazier shaky??
I thought he played very well for us last year. I will freely admit I could be wrong, but I thought the times he was in the line up, the secondary was far improved vs when we had some of the other dbs in.

Ok you can't think I mean Frazier is worse than Kornegay or Chatman.... cmon! YES SHAKY. You are only as good as your weakest link and IMHO Lance Frazier will never be a part of the leagues best defense.

I can't see why we couldn't challenge for that title in 08' with Morgan and JJ on the corners, Gordon or Clovis at safety, ED and SS(Stanford Samuels) at D-halfback and our strong/speedy/veteran front seven.


Actually I would take Lance Frazier over each of those two.

Me too FTR, or in case you have acute amnesia like jman. I would however take Samuels or even J. Bolden in his place for 08'.


Acute amnesia? Are you kidding me?

Lance Fraiser was " the weakest link. "

I disagree. Other than the Grey cup i found James Johnson to be the weakest link of the starters. While watching Frazier I thought he was very good.

I agree, JJ looked shaky most of the year as well. JJ's a gamer though. If he didn't make a believer out of you in the Cup, then you'll never be convinced.


Johnson appears to be a bonafide starter at this point and deserved his West all-star nod. For a kid in his first full year as a starter, I think he looks like a definate keeper. Lance Frazier played well enough when he was healthy last year. I do see him as being on the bubble, a bit, but odds are he'll be the starter at the end of camp. Samuels might be worth taking a look at, but to say he is for sure better than what we already have is a bit of a stretch. The bonus with Samuels is age--he is only 24. So he is worth a look, perhaps. Is Bolden free or not? I thought he was, but the CFL site still lists him as a Bomber...? Anyway, he is 34 years old, and I doubt we will look at him.
One thing that perhaps is being overlooked is that, Aribin Justin, could concievably be moved to the half spot if he loses his job to Morgan. Bottom line is, the only secondary jobs that should be safe are Johnson and Davis. Everyone else is in a real battle.

who is this guys i've never heard of him? where'd did he come from? cfl or nfl cut?

James Johnson and Eddie Davis are my favorite DBs.

Why would we want Samuels? IMO, he does not improve our secondary, we have a good group, some good vets(Davis and Morgan) mixed in with some good young players. I would say the weakest link is Kornegay, I wouldn't be surprised if he was cut.

I'm not questioning the talent of James Johnson, he's not the best, but a little above average db. Normally covering Stegal would be a tough task for anyone, but Dinwiddie was keying on him all day which allowed Johnson to get the int's in the Grey Cup, along with bad throws. If it was against Glenn, i don't think he gets all of them.

Maciocia released him from Esks training camp last week, therefore he is probably worth a look. (considering that Maciocia manages to cut an entire team worth of players with no predictable pattern each season, and I thought Samuels was one of the few bright spots in our D last season)

K thanx KristjanCFL....and he can't be that bad he screwed over the Argos with the Tyler Ebell trade

Isn't Paul Jones the Eskimos GM? Unless you guys are talking about the Edmonton Eskimos Baseball Club? Because I have no idea who any of their general managers were.


With the guys we have in camp, Samuels would not be a great improvement. If he had the pedigree of Juran Bolden during his prime, I'd say give him a shot.