Stanely Jackson released by Winnipeg

Perennial benchwarmer Stanley Jackson has been released by the Bombers. He had no chance of staying with the team anyway, what with Glenn, Martin, and now Wynn ahead of him.

Now here's a guy with good college numbers who never really got a shot in the CFL. He was called the "QB of the future" in Montreal but that's the kiss of death since no one ever gets to play beside Calvillo in Matthews' scheme. So after a few years of riding the bench there he goes to Toronto after they are through with Bell and Jimmy Kemp, and is named to be their starter, but in game #1 of that season in the first quarter he blows his knee out and is gone for the season...Argos resurrect Reggie Slack to take over. The next season Damon Allen arrives so Jackson is cut loose, and ends up in Winnipeg.

Tough luck career, and it may be over. Anyone think any team is going to pick him up?

I wouldn't mind seeing the Argos give him another shot. I was really pulling for the guy when he finally got to start, then got injured right at the start of his first game. What a shame that was.


i actually would not be overly surprised if he ended up in anywhere in the east. or possibly calgary as a third stringer. he is not ood enough to start in this league and really probably not a good backup either. he sits right on the edge of poor 2nd or good third stringer. tough place to be.

Who's Hamilton third-stringer?

Ticats' current QB lineup is:

Danny McManus
Marcus Brady
Ben Sankey
John Beutjer
I believe in that order, though training camp will likely have something to say about the lineup for the season. I'm guessing Beutjer will take Sankey's spot, because the coaches are really impressed by the guy; the same could never really be said for Ben.

ArgoFan1...we may get our wish

According to press reports today, Stanley Jackson and Adam Rita are in negotiation......if Bishop bails out (and if you are an Argo fan you better hope so), looks like Stanley may get a chance.

Kanga...You may be more correct than you know...especially if Nealon gets injured in the first couple of weeks.

All we need in Hamilton is for Jason Mass to come here, yes Danny is good but we need a guy who can play down the road and now. What is Danny got hurt where are we, They need to trade or something we nedd Mass or even Jones, Edmonton is rich in starting Qb's gives use just one. :roll:

yA really have to say Jackson got dealt a bad hand....after sticking around for so long trying to crack the starting line-up(on a few teams).....and then getting cut; I hope somebody picks him up, like the Riders ,who really need a QB. The way Tee Martin came to training camp...throwing strikes and looking like a possible starter the writing was on the wall for Stanley... he would have been fourth string for sure.....good luck to him, I thought he got short changed...but maybe a better thing for him in the end. :arrow:

Bishop has returned to Toronto, and they also signed Dennison.......wonder where or if Stanley Jackson will find another bench to sit on

How is this news? Stanley Jackson...the Joe (747) Adams of the current CFL.