after tonite who standed out the most to u


the guy from the stands..... Maas, Lumsden,DAvis (in the negative way) Alston mad a nice catch tonight

if lumsden rushed that well while sick and underweight, imagine at full strength.

For those wondering who the "guy from the stands" is, it's Kevin Timothee. (It's an inside joke among those who participated in the game thread.)

Maas was 9-16 for 116 yards, with a TD pass.

Lumsden had 8 carries for 51 yards. He also caught a 13 yard pass.

Alston apparently had 60 receiving yards.

Other players who I'd did say well are Witherspoon, Bauman, Curry, and Kordic.

And Davis stood out literally in a negative way, as it appered he had negative rushing yardage.

(For those wondering about my information sources, it's from both what was said on CHML and this page.)

Maybe he should stay slim. :wink:

funny standout...headline at says 'bombers put boots to tabbies' seems someone made the headline too soon.

And then below the headline it goes on to say "Kicker Mark Myers booted two field goals in the final two minutes as the Hamilton Tiger-Cats defeated the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 24-20 in CFL pre-season action at Ivor Wynne Stadium on Friday night." So I don't know how they made that mistake. Did they think Myers was one of Winnipeg's kickers or something?

And I'm not sure how accurate the statistics are on this page. It took them a while to update it, but it might be updated now. So for those who want game statistics, that might be the place to go.

(Update: The page has been updated so the headline says "Tabbies put boots to Bombers" now.)

Bauman is going to be a standout good fans. :thup:

Coach Taaffe is a standout.

i wouldnt say maas was a standout

Agreed, but apart from the first few passes, he looked pretty good. A few caught balls appeared to be slightly underthrown, but two or three of his incompletions were good throws that were dropped. I was happy with his game.


-Lumsden (solid game)
-Maas (looks vintage)
-Alston (dropped one, but made some big catches and had one nice kick return)
-Bauman (two nice catches)
-Witherspoon (big target, made three tight catches)
-Bekasiak (had a sack)
-Hodges and Collier (good pressure on the QB)
-Setta (great punts, automatic field goals)
-Jackson and Armour (very active LB's)
-Timothee (nice pick...probably beat Kornegay out of a starting job)
-Kordic (ballhawk, always in good position)
-Karikari (Glenn almost never threw his way, which tells me his coverage was good)
-Gauthier and Glasper (especially on special teams)
-Chang (good energy and enthusiasm, even if he didn't complete a lot of passes in limited duty)

-Curry, Walker and Gardner looked ok, but they only caught one pass each, I think.


-A. Davis (but if the O-Line doesn't open holes...)
-Whoever on the O-Line wasn't opening holes for Davis
-Dickerson (the dropsies)
-Radon (pretty sure he was the one burned on the long pass to Stegall)
-R. Williams (will be cut for sure and if he isn't I will be shocked)
-Butler (should be cut but won't)
-Anderson (as a DB, he's ok, but he absolutely stinks as a kick returner)

Everyone else was invisible and is therefore in danger of being cut.

They also had us losing 22-17 with 2:02 remaining in the game when the game was already over and it was 24-20.

I thought Myers had a good game he was kicking field goals from center at half and they had at least an exta 5 yards on them maby even more.

Maas still doesn't look like the same guy that played in Edmonton. In fact, I'd say Chang had the better game. I had the feeling that the Cats had a chance to do something every time Chnag was in--not so with Maas who still seems to be adlibbing a gameplan.

Myers had a good game but on the post game radio show, the coach said Setta had an edge because of his punting. I'd keep Myers.

Lumsden had a very strong game. I look to him to have a real breakout year.

Bauman played well, especially for a CIS rookie.

Timothee covers alot of ground. Really quick to recover from the run to pass coverage and vice versa.

An Argo-Cat fan

Yeah seeing a Canadian line up on the wideout spot wearing 89 reminded me of Andrew Grigg. Hopefully be becomes our Andy Fantuz and gets over his sloppy, groin pulled training camp.

Lumsden could really be remarkable. I know teams are going to have their defences primed to stop him. Hopefully we can get our recieving core primed to keep opponents honest so that we can get the most out of Lumsden. His speed to the outside is unreal. Most backs patiently wait for blocks to be set up and find a seem on sweeps, but Lumsden's open field speed just seems to take him and the ball past all the garbage in the middle and out for at least 5 yard gains of not more. His fighting off first contact and keeping on his feet for extra yards is impressive as well.

I'm torn on Setta and Myers. In camp Setta's punting is quite obviously superior. The only thing is that in the preseason, Myers seems to have had more opportunity to kick field goals and has done so quite effectively. It'll be sad to see either kicker go but there's no way the Ti-Cats are keeping two import kickers.

Armour - Great read and interception. Hope he's feeling better.

Holmes/Davis - No opening for them to run through hence the lack of production

Lumsden - Ran to the outside because there were no openings up the centre

Setta - Kicking the ball high and deep allowing the special teams to pin Winnipeg deep in the first half

Stegall - Winnipeg looked lost without him out on the field.


Hage, BEKASIAK (big time), Wayne, Reid, Jackson,Mariuz, Glavic, Filice. Dickerson blocked well. Chang is a great holder on converts and fieldgoals. Rocichaud and Donnely snapped well. The whole team played with discipline,i.e. few penalties.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )