Standings vs Playoff Spots

With the win tonight, Ottawa has a guaranteed playoff spot -- congrats Ottawa.
However, the team is still in third place in the East behind Hamilton and Toronto (at least for the time being) based on number of games played.

Has that ever happened before? A team making the playoffs before its division leader?
A bizarre statistical situation. Makes me wonder if it's possible after a full 18 games have been played.

Hamilton secures a playoff spot with a win in Montreal on Sunday. I suspect that the same is true for the Argos if they win their game vs the Stamps at THF tomorrow. Just so happens that Ottawa played the first game of the week and the Ticats play the last one.

It's more so because Ottawa is the only team to have won the season series against Montreal. Montreal can't possibly over take Ottawa because the most wins they could finish with would be nine. At that number, if Hamilton or Toronto lost all of their remaining games and Montreal won all of their remaining games, the Alouettes would qualify in the East.

Ottawa is still behind Toronto and Hamilton because they lose tiebreakers (head-to-head with Toronto and division record compared with Hamilton's). Although I think games in hand are actually the first tie-breaker, even if it's not explicitly stated.

It's a good question though! It's a pretty quirky situation.

It's certainly going to be interesting if Calgary and Montreal win this weekend. The Argos appear to have the easiest path for the rest of the season.

Actually even if both the Cats and Argos both lose this weekend they will both secure a playoff position regardless if the Lions lose as well in their game against the Eskimos on Saturday. The only thing left in the equation would be exactly where they would finish in the final standings.

Not quite. If the Cats and Argos lose this weekend, and the Als win all of their remaining games and the Ticats lose their remaining 3, the Als would then end up tied with the Ticats and the Ticats are out of the playoffs if BC wins all of their remaining games.

bobo8224 wroie 'if BC loses". Agree with him. If BC loses, both Toronto and Hamilton would be in the playoffs,even if they were to lose all their 4 remaining games. If BC loses tonight, both Toronto and Hamilton will be in the playoffs.


Yup it's quite there Jim. If the Cats,Argos and Lions all lose this weekend then even if the Lions do win their remaining 3 games the best they can do is 8-10 on the season. Both the Cats and Argos already have 9 wins a piece and therefore cannot finish with less total points than the Lions on the season. So even if the Alouettes run the table and win all their remaining games the best they can wind up is 9-9 on the season. Like I said the only thing that would be left would be to see where exactly Hamilton,Ottawa,Toronto and Montreal wind up in the East and the worst Hamilton could do would be the crossover team in the West simply because there would be no way for them possible to finish behind the Lions in total points. So simply put a Cats loss and a Lions loss this weekend will clinch a spot for Hamilton in the post season and leave BC needing to win 2 of their remaining 3 games to qualify and the Alouettes needing to win 2 of their remaining games to eliminate the Lions and claim the crossover.

Standings IF the Cats,Lions and Argos all lose this weekend:


Hamilton......15-9-6-0-18 (clinched)
Toronto........15-9-6-0-18 (clinched)
Ottawa.........15-9-6-0-18 (clinched)
Montreal.......15-6-9-0-12 (best possible finish 9-9-18)

Edmonton......16-12-4-0-24 (clinched)
Calgary.........16-12-4--0-24 (clinched)
B.Columbia.....15-5-10-0-10 (best possible finish 8-10-16)
Winnipeg.......16-5-11-0-10 (best possible finish 7-11-14)
Sask.............15-2-13-0-4 (eliminated)