Standings Points Changes

Before making my argument, I'd like to show you what most sports leagues do for their table points (as many as I know):

NFL/CFL: The old 2-1-0 (W-T-L). This system is the most common.
NHL: The 2-1-0 system, but with a bonus point for an OT loss and no ties.
NBA: Just wins.
MLB: Wins, unless percentage dictates otherwise. Playoff berths decided ultimately by committee.

AFL (Australia): 4-2-0. Same as the 2-1-0 system.
NRL (Australia): 2-1-0, with an overtime.
Soccer: 3-1-0. Bonus point for a win.
Rugby Union: Convoluted. 4-2-0, with an extra point for scoring 4 tries AND/OR losing by 7 points or less.

I believe that Rugby Union has the most complete system out there, but I don't like the 4-tries bonus all that much.

Look below for my new proposal.

Sorry its not for me..
I dont think is a good idea to get more point in the standings based on the score. With your system a team could get first place by winning less games but by a bigger margin.
Just my opinion

I like my Standings more, but if they fail, mate I give your standings a go.

After thinking a little, I don’t like the Touchdown bonus so much (I only included it because of rugby union’s 4-try bonus). Here’s what I’d rather do:
The Four-Point System
4 points for a win by 9 points or more.
3 points for a win by 8 points or less.
2 points for a draw.
1 point for a loss by 8 points or less.
0 points for a loss by 9 points or more.

I think that this IS a good idea to get more points in the standings based on the score. You still get a lot of points for just winning, but winning with a gap should be awarded (not running up the score though).

Right now, running up the score is ENCOURAGED because one of the first tiebreakers is points difference OVERALL. The quality of win should take care of this, but on a game-by-game basis instead of just all the points altogether.

Kanga: In the case of overtime, the overtime loser will always end up with a point. However, if you want to see a winner in every game, give a 9 point win 5 points, an 8 point win 4 points, an OT win 3 points, and an OT loss 2 points.