Standings, aren't they just a little off?

I thought that points was the first thing to determine standings right now..

not that it really matters, but if they put the Alouettes on top the the 3 losing teams, shouldn't the Riders be on top of the 3 Western winning teams?

No. I don’t think they have any formula for ranking the 1-0 and 0-1 teams because honestly nobody cares. It seems like it’s likely just alphabetical.

...not alphabetical because Hamilton would be ranked above Toronto....I think point differential is being used to rank the teams

^^ I was just gonna say that. :lol:

Ah could be, TSN seems to have them alphabetized. It’s probably different on every site because nobody really cares :wink:

Assuming the standings at this time of the year are handled in the same manner as they would be to determin standings at the end in case of a tie, then no, the Riders would not be on top. Check out the rules on this site. They are complicated but things like difference between points scored and given up come into play. The riders only have a 3 point difference compared to stamps 14 and BC 15, plus BC beat an opponent in the same division.

Correct if I’m wrong; It seems to me by looking at the standings that they are going by point differential ? B.C. won by 15, Calgary won by 14 and Sask. wins by 3. The same goes for the losing teams; Montreal lost by 3, Toronto lost by 14 and Hamilton loses by 20. Looks like Red and white beat me to this logic.