Standing Room Only

According to Twitter , Great Idea
Scott Mitchell ?@ticatmitchell

@Ticats So we are trying out this standing room only thing for the 1st time. Going to try it with 100 to see how the experience is. 547-cats :rockin:

tweeted 20 hours ago. im assuming they're now gone?

If 100 is a trial. I wonder how many standing room only they think the stadium can accommodate.

I would say not many, considering how nuts the concessions are with only 18k there.

I guess not many ppl know about it. I just messaged Scott Mitchell on Twitter and he said 2 will be waiting for me at the box office. I wonder if they'll contact me asking how my standing room only experience went if this is a trial run?

Great to see this tried. :thup: Is this the Coors Light Patio?

I agree there. It was a zoo on the west side. The east side seems to be much more organized though.

I have no idea. This is all on the fly. All i know is "standing room only." Just called the cats and they said pick up my tix any time after 1:30. Only thing is im going to the Mac game at 1. Hopefully that game is a blowout and I can leave in decent time to make the 4 pm kickoff.