Standardizing penalty calls

So it’s my understanding that throwing the football into the crowd after a touchdown in the “away” stadium is a 10 yard penalty. Edmonton received a 10 yard penalty last year when one of the players threw the ball into the Calgary stands after a touchdown. Calgary did the same thing in Edmonton one game later and no call. Winnipeg did the same thing last night and no call. Am I wrong about the penalty? While we’re on the subject – Edmonton got a penalty for “using a prop” during their touchdown celebration a few weeks ago when they
crawled through the signs at the back of the end zone after a touchdown. 10 yard penalty. Calgary guys last game grabbed the end zone sticks and played swordfight with them. No penalty. What gives???

Sounds like EDM needs to stop cheating.

Are you sure that is what happened?

I know that players cannot throw a ball into the stands after an interception or recovery of the opposing team's fumble.
This is because each team uses its own balls when on offense and the defense throwing them away reduces their number.
Of course, the same is true if the offense throws their own balls away, but that is viewed as screwing your own team if you do it enough.

I think it has been called at least once when a visiting defensive player throws it into the crowd after scoring a TD. Not sure if it's consistent or not. But never against a home team.

I think the rule was changed after the Edmonton game to allow players to use props, as long as they don't bring them on the field themselves.

Rule was changed in 2016

• A player who gives an opponent’s offensive ball to a fan after a turnover is ruled on the field would no longer be flagged for objectionable conduct, which had been an unintended consequence of allowing offences to use their own footballs.