Stevie Baggs stated it in his speech at the rally, "we need everyone to stand and be loud when we are on DEFENCE" !!

YES ...We need to make noices when we are on DEFENCE and not while we are on OFFENCE

The reason we make noise is not to show support but tomake it very difficult for the players to hear the QB's calling the signals and thus could mess up the snap count . It also does not enable them to change the play on the fly when they see a defence alignmnmet that is not to thier liking for the play called .

Overall , the noise makes it much more difficult fo the team with the ball to be efficient and can cause off sides or wrong routes to be run and i guess it just gives us an advantage on defence .....If you see the QB lifting his leg up adown that is to let everyone know including the center that the ball is to be hupped because nopbody can her him ...

When we are on offence it is great to cheer a bit but not so loud and try mot to make any nose once the play is blown in ..for example don't scream when they are in a hudlle and especially not when they are lined up and Kevin is calling theh plays etc ...

SAVE YOUR VOCAL CHORDS for when Lemon is behind the center

In sports like hockey, basketball, baseball and soccer, chants from the crowd can be helpful at times and disruptive at others, but rarely if ever do they actually contribute to the success or failure of the athlete on the ice, diamond or court. Outside of the occasional free throw in basketball, the game is pretty much free flowing.

However, in football, where communication in the process of play calling on offence is so important to the success or failure of the play, an enthusiastic crowd can actually influence the outcome of a game.
from tsn

I'm just gonna put this out there, the LDC crowd SUCKED.All family and people that like to sit and be quiet, the one time we were amazingly loud was when the whole stadium was chanting Argo's suck while KG was trying to get a play off and the Argo's were loving it.Hopefully we get a more educated crowd that's willing to help our guys win.


As for that ARGOS SUCK Labor Day comment .
YES, this is why I put the post up ....I find alot of fans get excited when we have the ball and think it is time to cheer . Those fans likely aren't knowledgeable enough to know there is such a things as TICATS.CA but you never know :slight_smile:

YES let's spread the word to be loud when the ARGOS have the ball and quiet when KG is behind the center

I agree 100% with being loud for the Ticats on Defence, not offence!
I also don't understand why people want to cheer when our team is on offence and hasn't done anything yet...

I love being loud, but get discouraged when the people around me are joining in or are yelling at me to sit down and be quiet. I try to be respectful, because they are paying customers as well...but this isn't a live theatre performance! Were at a football game!

No offence to anyone, but this Sunday I am going to be up standing and loud on every defensive play!


Its hockey culture permeating Ivor Wynne from the casuals who only show up Labour Day… Anything more complex than a bunch of goons trying to push a piece of rubber into a net and they’re lost.

They think for the one afternoon they bother to see football, “Well its Go Leafs Go the rest of the year so why not Go Cats Go?”


I'm assuming most people on this board already know about the thirteenth man. Judging by the mostly calm demeanor of people in my section, I'm assuming that a good chunk of fans don't. If you want to educate the ones that don't, then make a couple of signs, one which tells the people in your section to get loud when we're on defence, and one that tells them to stay quiet when we're on offence. That would probably get the point across better than giving dirty looks when they're too loud and being frustrated when they're too quiet.

Sounds good, educate the people around you because when i was at the labour day game a lot of fans are just casual fans and it was not very LOUD on DEFENCE !!!

Except for the fact that I've seen this when watching games on the tube from Washington, Seattle and Minnesota. Are they daft?

This isn't an Ivor Wynne phenomenon.

Probably the best way to get the message out that the 13th man plays defence. Enough signs - pointed toward the crowd, right? :oops: - and maybe, just maybe, some of the casual fans might figure it out.

IMO they need to run those pump up things much more often.You know, the ones where Otis and stuff are like "get on your feet tigertown!our defense needs you!C'mon get loud!!"I find those are pretty well the only way to get the crowd up, you basically have to lead them by the nose :lol:

Great Point, like they do in Montreal "MAKE SOME NOOOOOOISE !!"

Jason Farr or who ever does the video board please do this everytime we are on DEFENCE. It does make a difference!!

We need you :rockin:

Yeah, just don't over do it. Sometimes those things make people not want to feel like their taking orders from the scoreboard. I like some of the ones we have. The player clips are pretty cool. Oh, and the Dog with his ears flapping!

And how about something to tell people to STFU on offence?


LMAO - very funny :lol:

Here is something to get Loud about on Defrence !!



MISSISSAUGUA – Never short on words, Argos DT Adriano Belli quickly squashed any impression that the Argos will be the least bit intimidated by the hostile Hamilton crowd this Sunday.

“Heading out to Hamilton, playing my Simon and Garfunkel on the way, seeing the Box J Boys, the people yelling at us, all of the black and gold; we love playing there,? Belli said with a smirk. “It’s going to be a hostile environment so let’s get hostile with their quarterback.?

Belli is no stranger to the atmosphere at Ivor Wynne. Like many former Tiger-Cats who have traded in their Black and Gold for Double Blue, he knows exactly what he is in for when the Argos hit the field and insists that the Boatmen try their best to take the negative energy being directed their way and use it to fuel them.

“I speak for a lot of guys on defence when I say that we feed off of that,? Belli continued. “We love shutting the crowd up by making a big play or making a big sack and hearing them all quiet down.?

Belli has returned to the Argos’ lineup after missing 13 games with an injury. His season seemed all but done when he was placed on the nine-game injured list but the one exemption that the CFL grants teams to activate a player from that list allowed him to return last week in Montreal. Belli is an emotional leader on and off the field and Argos head coach Jim Barker understands that #78’s true value extends far beyond the playing field.

“He just brings something to our whole football team,? Barker said of Belli. “He brings an energy, an excitement and an enthusiasm that only Adriano can bring so it’s great to have him back.?

Belli’s best attributes are sometimes his biggest downfall. His history of taking untimely penalties is something that has hindered him in the past but Barker, who has turned a once disorderly group into a disciplined squad, believes that Belli should have no problem buying into and putting the team first when it matters most.

“If Adriano cares about his team and he cares about us winning, then he does the right thing. It’s just that simple,? Barker confided.

Last week, Belli was back to his old tricks again but this time he contained it to playfully head butting of teammate Grant Shaw and organizing a dance on the team’s sideline with fellow members of his defensive line. Said Belli, “We are going to be dancing all game long and may the better team win.?