Stand Together

Change or Not, this city and some fans need to wake up.

Everyone wants to cut someone cause of the team play as a whole. Cut this guy then cut that guy, hell I see why this team is at rock bottom. How do you expect to win when there is someone new coming into a new scheme play book that takes 2 years to learn. And at this point there is a hand full of players that know the playbook from front to back. Futhermore thats the players that you guys want to cut. Unitl this team wakes up and has the city behind them it will be at rock bottom. The laughing stock of the CFL.

Every week there is talk of players cut, and fans talking down on players that give it there all but come up short as a team. I really dont know how its done here but where I come from its hold your team and or family down in the bad times too. Not just when its all good. :roll:

I sure hope Timmy you come in and play your game. I pray that you show the CFL and the ticats that you got game. Aswell as other players that have been talked about being cut. Cause at the end of the day its all about you as a player and a team memeber. If you do infact come up short ( hold your head High ) cause I know you have the skills to play at a high level.

To the FANS that have history with a team and the players, and that stick around for the good and bad this does not go for you.

That also goes for other players on the team. Take it from me: people will build you up just to tear you down. Be strong ticats and the storm will be over soon.

Remember players:

Timmy, Armstead, Tay, Jesse, Kori, TG, Nate, Nick and JoJo etc play your hearts out cause the wind changes everyday here.

Great post, but I fear you're risking Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for nothing. Don't let this site fool you, cmw. There are a core group of win or lose fans that support the Ticats. A lot of that group value their sanity too much to post on this site. :wink:

Every player on this team has my full support and always will. I hope Chang goes in there and helps us win,but if he does that will open up a whole new can of worms on this site. The "I told you so"s will be in the millions.

This team is a TEAM and every person on it is responsible for a loss or a win. I have respect for every one of those guys that goes out there week after week and plays their heart out.

All the player have my support as well

Stasnd together or fall alone

This team is a TEAM and every person on it is responsible for a loss or a win. I have respect for every one of those guys that goes out there week after week and plays their heart out
Exactly :wink:

2 years to learn the playbook,.??? Its not the Detroit loins play book is it :roll: --- SORRY some of us cant Accept losing as the norm. BUT Cant agree more about the Team working together, NO PENALTIES!

Right on cmw!
We all NEED to stick together as fans as well.
Anyone read the Brett Favre story in yesterdays Spec?
Notice Green Bay has a 30 year waiting list for season tickets? They have had some tough years there too. They stick together.
Think the Cats have many of the same traditions and history in the CFL that the Pack has in the NFL.
Win or lose....we are the CATS!
Enjoy the game folks!

I couldn't agree more ... I support every single one of our players and coaches each and every game. (BTW Borehamgirl and others on the train, thanks for the story of Jason coming forward to talk to fans. It says a great deal of what kind of man he is and why he deserves respect.)

Some of the talk on this site is awful, I really hope the players don't read it! That said ... we are some passionate fans.

Black and gold forever!

A very good post.
We as fans..should band together, and stop some of this infighting.
This new direction with Chang as the starter..may just be the spark..that has been lacking.

Wow, a positive thread !!!
I agree with all of the above.

Hey borehamgirl its all good, I didnt mean anything bad to all the fans that is down for the team. Just the ones that hate.

I don't think anyone here hates the team or any other fan for that matter. However, emotions do flare up from time to time but only because people give a sh*t.

A winning team will go a long way in bringing everyone together for a huge group hug. :slight_smile:

An Argo-Cat fan

Ummmm well, ummmm I'm sure you're absolutely right. :wink:

Not to worry cmw. I share your frustration, my friend.

cool... hey you owe me a steak when i come up

We don't have steak in Hamilton, ask Doug Brown. :wink: :smiley:

Fuggin' right!
Got my 4 endzone seats yesterday!
Gonna be loud and proud.

Timmy Chang, folks!!! Timmy Chang!!! That's reason enough!!

This is gonna be fun!