Stand Together Or Fall Alone!

Hey JoJuan, pass me the hammer cause I'm in!

"did we give up when the Germans attacked Pearl Harbour?"



Wow, the Germans attacked Pearl Harbour. Nuff said

That was last weekend at Pearl Harbour, they were German tourist. ask Timmy. :smiley:

so silly

viewer discretion advised

The true fans stick with the team through thick or thin so you know am in :smiley:

Good for all true TiCat fans. It's never a shame to support a team with such a rich and proud tradition. Although a member of the Empire, I have always counted myself as a TiCat fan. Here's to all of you. :thup:

Fuggin' right!
Fist in the air support our boyz!
We laugh in the face of adversity---then promply land a right hook on it's jaw!!

United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

We will stand tall tomorrow during the game.