Stand Together Or Fall Alone!

Stand by your team and football club!
The storm is soon to pass.

Coming to the city of hamilton sooner rather than later.

Post if you believe.

Amen Brother Amen I believe.

You know I'm In!


cwm1612, When are you comming up here to the Home Of The Tiger-Cats?!

They’ll GETTER DONE!!!

I’m with ya CATS!



Yea, what's the panic - two games.

We are tied for 3rd place and one game behind second.

I agree with all of you.

I am with the team through thick and thin.
Things will change, just be patient.
Go Cats Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For sure, Go Cats Go!!!

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. :thup:

Here here. Enough with the negativity.

It's only been two games and it's a young and developing team. Of course they have issues to overcome, but who didn't expect that?

This week offers a great chance to get back on track against a struggling Montreal team.

I'll be disappointed if I'm wrong, but I'll be so bold as to call it right now.

HAM 21
MTL 17

If the D can hold down the fort, Lumsden will run them over.

Before the Cats' D can hold the fort, O line must hold off the Al's D so the Cat's O can do more than go 2 and out. If the Hamilton D is on the field as much as they have been the past two games, the results will be the same.



Fair enough, but I'm aiming for optimism here. I expect better from the Oline and I think they'll start to come together. Run blocking is what Olinemen like best, you've got to start somewhere.

I have too much fun following the team to not support them. Mr. Young has the resources to put together an outstanding football operations staff from top to bottom, we just have to be a little patient before we see the results of it that's all!

This could be the beginning of an Eskimoesque type playoff run ... you never know!

  • paul

PS. I already have Nautyn McKay-Loescher penciled in for 2 or 3 sacks and a forced fumble on Saturday! That kid is a beast!


No fairweather fan here