Class act by Riders to bring Stancil back for the GC Rings supper before releasing him. Hopefully he can get healthy, and maybe resume his career.


I'll say this slowly so you understand rider07.

Type....... without........ using........ all....... capital....... letters.

Yes he is a good player, but the reality is that he has been injuried prone. There are a lot of guys in camp that should be able to step up.

As for the “biggest mistake ever”, give me a break!

Yes hes a great player and is healthy right now and last year when he played he killed it out there. He should of played in the grey cup but they always told the press he was hurt when at times he could play. Every player gets hurt one time or another, but all im saying is that he didnt get a chance to go out on the field to practice and they know hes fine & healthy. The other coaches were all shocked... inside scoop!

Give it up 07. You have 4 posts only. All 4 are about Stancil. Your inside scoop is BS. I just called Tony at Riders office. Told him what you are saying on here. Told him to tell the coaches. He said coaches had a meeting after rookie camp. Said Alex Smith said he was very happy with rookie lbs. Said all of them were good enough to be starters. Said he knew. Said Coach Hall knew they were going to cut Stancil. So your source is full of BS.

Tony said he was going to tell Coach Miller. Tony said 1 more thing. Said they called teams around the CFL on Friday and Saturday. Not 1 team wanted Stancil. Like that scoop about biggest mistake ever? And my scoop comes from the inside to. The man who is always standing by the coach or gm at practice. The man who was always with Shivers at practice.

Well I hope Tony does not bring this up with Miller. Seems to me that would be a waste of energy for Miller. He has a lot more things to focus on than this.

Hey Austin, You think you know it all huh. You must be someone important to get info like that. Your the one who seems to be bitter. You think the Coaches give a shit what people like you say on this forum. Like oohh Oh My God Toney, Coach Miller, guess what someone said on the Website...I think its Stancil, Nah wasnt me. Be real and Get a life. Im the type of person to tell you how it is. I dont need to hide behind Screen names. Get your Facts right. Im Guessing Rider 07 is a fan like you that knows a little what they talking about but not everything either..No offence. And Yeh Alex said whateva to the staff im guessing. It was their decision...Its all good...aint mad at em for cutting me. Its the way they did it though but Its a business...Ill tell you this though No way in hell they would have beatn me out. No disrespect to my teamates who are great players. I proved that when im hurt im still good...when Im healthy im better. Not injury Prone actually and Not a band-ai like you Claim. Only had one injury during my Career as a Rider. It was the same injury from 06 that didnt heal fast enough at the time. Never reinjured myself actually... But you know the facts though. Other lil nics I played through just about every football player does. And times it was said I was hurt, wasnt hurt. I was out there practicing just like the rest of the people on the field. Just wasnt on the Roster so to clear up your always hurt. But You got the inside scoop though since you seem to know so much. You actually dont know to much about me. And if teams didnt want me they didnt want me. Its not life of death. If I never play another down Im happy with what I accomplished... But im sure someone will give me a chance and not regret it. And The only reason I came on here is to read what some people had to say and clear it up for you Mr Know it all...But its funny to see people like you who probably never touched a football field in there life talk BS. My bad Coach...I mean Austin, or whoeva the hell you are. And dont think im bitter because im not at all. Just putting an end to all your BS about me.
Oh healthy by the way

You say no way in hell they would have beatn me out. Im better than my teammates you say. Are the Rider coaches stupid?

Tony said they tried to help you. Said Tillman called every team in the league after Miller told him. Get the facts straight you say. Those are facts.

Im not important. Just a season ticket holder who helped pay your salary. A man who comes to practice. Thats where I met Tony over at the fence on the old field. Not important. A man who buys Rider gear. Maybe if all the players were like you. More of us should get a life. In your words. Whateva.

I wanted Richie Hall to be coach. He has more reason to be mad than you Stancil. What did he do? Say no way in hell Miller is better than him? Like you said about your teammates. No he didnt. Maybe you should learn from Richie Hall.

Never said anything Negative about the Coaches or anyone else. Im a Classy guy. But anyways Like I said Austin, all that really doesnt matter if u didnt read what I said the first time. WHats done is done, I enjoyed my play as a Rider and thats it. Your telling me things I already know. I just came on here to Kill your negative talk about me and let you know Rider07 is not me. Instead of praising one of your former players, you sit there and try to put me down with bs but didnt bother me. But if you wanna personally email me we can talk instead of this forum bull so you can ask me what you want and we can have a regualr convo. Im a real person like that.

So then, if you’re not the same guy, why do you share a common posting area?

Dont know and dont care. "Final Post" Nothing more to prove. I said my piece and speak for myself. So Rider07 or whoever else saying he said she said thanks for the support but stop speaking for me with unknown facts.

Thought about it and know you are hurting man. Getting cut has to hurt. Good luck TJ.

Well, the fact is that you both post from the same IP address, and both signed up within a very short time of one's far too much to be coincidence...either you're both Stancil, in which case, sorry you got cut, or you're an imposter, in which case, grow up.

I appreciate it Austin im good though thanks. Just continuing to work hard and train thats it. And def was not me. I dont hide behind names as anyone who truely knows me knows how I am. Thanks though. Best of luck my former teamates. 31-15