stampstamps, flutiefan02, eat your hearts out !

Guess what? I actually got a prediction correct, for a pleasant change !!!

Back on 23 December, I wrote:

And now today comes this news:

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Nice one MJ...

Great hire. I always thought Nelson did a bang-up job as Winnipeg's DC. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time -- the Mike Kelly year o' hell.

Speaking of Mike "Tough guy" Kelly with all the coaching moves in the league this off season and his name hasn't come up ONCE. I wonder if he got the message ???

With this news perhaps may have truth on why Peach, Davis...ect. have not been signed as of yet. There is talk however of Davis heading to B.C. to follow Stubler?/will Edmonton go to a 4/3 D-formation? Which ever formation the Eskimos go with; aggressive and quickness/will (be KEY) once again to provide the O with good field position.

Wow, that would be huge loss for Edmonton. Davis would be a great addition for the Lions though and could offset the potential loss of Solomon Elimimian.

Congratulations, I always knew you had it in you :o

Great to hear, I played High School football with Mark way back in time.

....according to Arash Madani (he's getting a lot of things right lately) there's more than a few disgruntled players in edm. who want to move on...Guess they're worried about a Rayless schmoe team...Wouldn't be surprised to see Davis get picked-up by someone... :roll:

Agreed papa, I think Rod Davis is one severely underrated LB, seems to fly under the radar quite a bit, but he's a good one.

wouldn't mind seeing him in bluengold :wink: but Stubler probably has the inside track :roll:

Yes, I heard the same as well. Apparently, the day the Ray trade went down, some players contacted their agents to get traded out of town. I'm sure that was probably heat of the moment stuff, but Ray is one of the most respected players in the league. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of players are re-thinking playing for the Eskimos, like you said.

According to Rudy Frimmell (who gets everything right, just ask him) players love to play in Edmonton and all free agents want to go to the Eskimo's. Unless any other team is offering more money, in which case, they would love to go there. On another point, I have it on very good authority that Rod Davis is going to go to the team that offers him the best deal. :cowboy: